you guys wanna see a sick body


Gregory Ogedei Khan


Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185lbs
Level: 14
XP: 0
RP Points: 6

  • Hunter
  • Medic


Frontline Medic
"Keeping people alive's a full time job. But like all jobs, most of my time is spent shitposting."


Hit Points 89/89
Injuries 0
HP 17 +0 17
Attack 5 +0 5
Defense 10 +0 10
Sp. Atk 5 +0 5
Sp. Def 10 +0 10
Speed 11 +4 15
Overland 5 Swim 2
Jump 0/1 Power 4
Throw 6
Moves: After You
Name Frequency Activation Effect
Pack Hunt At Will - Free Action An adjacent foe is damaged by an ally's Melee attack. The user may make a Physical Attack with an AC of 5 against the triggering foe. If the attack hits, the foe loses a Tick of Hit Points.


Companion: Solinik
Active Roster: Lickilicky, Cacturne
Held Eggs:
In Storage:
Roster Goals: "Always kind of wanted a Delibird. Cute little bastards. Could probably chuck a grenade clear through a bunker porthole, too. Eevee are pretty cute too."
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