Tokugawa Diplomat

To Add: Snover Twins (Dark/Grass [learns double team] and Ice/Grass both level 5)

The Diplomat

Level 10 Tactician

Name: Ezo Tokugawa
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Skin: Light
Background: Nepotism


  • Martial Artist (Inner Focus)
  • Rogue
  • Mastermind

Let's Get Serious!

Background: Nepotism
We all know who Uncle-Uncle is… How much longer will you live in Ojisama's shadow?
Rank Up: Charm, Command, Guile.
Rank Down: Survival, Stealth, Science Edu.

Tokugawa Kimono
Leisure Kimono

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes

Body: Fair (+1)

Acrobatics (Untrained; 2d6+1)
Athletics (Untrained; 2d6+1)
Combat (Expert; 5d6+1)
Stealth (Pathetic; 1d6+1)
Survival (Pathetic; 1d6+1)

Mind: Fair (+1)

Education: All (Untrained; 2d6+1)
Science Education (Pathetic; 1d6+1)
Focus (Untrained; 2d6+1)
Guile (Adept; 4d6+1)
Perception (Untrained; 2d6+1)

Spirit: Good (+3)

Charm (Adept; 4d6+3)
Command (Novice; 3d6+3)
Intuition (Novice; 3d6+3)
Intimidate (Novice; 3d6+3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points: 16 / 60 (75)
Injuries: 2

HP 14 +1 15
Attack 8 +6 14
Defense 7 +2 9
Sp. Attack 6 - 6
Sp. Defense 7 +2 9
Speed 9 +4 13

Edges and Features

Beast Master: You may use Spirit in place of Body for Intimidate Checks. You may also use Intimidate for checks to control unruly Pokemon.
Combat Training: Gain +1 in all Combat Stats.
Basic Martial Arts: You learn the move Rock Smash.
Way of the Blade: You learn the Move Slash when using a bladed weapon.
Charmer: You learn the move Baby-Doll Eyes.

Basic Skills: Intuition, Intimidate, Combat
Adept Skills: Command, Charm, Combat, Guile

Moves and Capabilities:

Struggle (AW, AC3, Physical, Normal, DB6 / 2d8+8, Physical, Melee) +1 DB via weapon.

Slash (EOT, AC2, Normal, DB7 / 2d6+10, Physical, Melee, Pass) Slash is a Critical Hit on 18+.
Rock Smash (AW, AC2, Fighting, DB4 / 1d8+6, Physical, Melee) Rock Smash lowers Defense on 17+.
Focus Energy (AW, Normal, Self) The User becomes Pumped until switched out or Fainted.
Karate Chop (AW, AC2, Fighting, DB5 / 1d8+8, Physical, Melee) Karate Chop is a Critical Hit on 17+.

Poison Tail (w/ Toxickle) (AW, AC2, Poison, DB5 / 1d8+8, Physical, Melee) Poison Tail is a Critical Hit on 18+ and Poisons on 19+.

Capabilities: Overland 5, Swim 2, Jump 0/1, Power 5
Abilities: Inner Focus
Action Points: 6 / 6

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 1/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Adept Guile, +1 Defense
Extra Edge: Novice Combat
Level 3: Sparring Partner, +1 Special Defense
Level 4: Adept Charm, +1 Defense
Level 5: Focused Training, +1 Special Defense
Level 6: Adept Combat, +1 Attack
Extra Edge: Way of the Blade
Level 7: Mastermind, +1 Attack
Level 8: Charmer, +1 Attack
Level 9: Grasp of Command, +1 HP
Level 10: Expert Combat, +1 Attack


P: 4175

Head n/a n/a
Body n/a n/a
Main Hand Toxickle Blade Weapon
Off-Hand n/a n/a
Feet n/a n/a
Accessory n/a n/a
Handun For shooting Things 5m Struggle
Rifle For shooting more things 5m Struggle +1 DB/AC
Toxickle Blade Weapon Grants use of Poison Tail move.
Heirloom Katana Blade Weapon Hits with this blade are critical hits on 17+, Slash Crits on 15+.



Male Dewott
Level 25

EXP: 745 / 600

Type: Water
Nature: Jolly (+Speed/-SpAtk)
Loyalty: 3
Tutor Points: 4 / 6
Notes: My comrade and bodyguard… Masamune is a jolly sort, if a bit intense.

Capabilities: Overland 6, Swim 7, Jump 2/2, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Fountain, Wielder, Underdog
Skills: Athletics 4d6, Acrobatics 3d6+2, Combat 3d6+3, Stealth 3d6, Perception 3d6, Focus 3d6+2

HP: 83 / 83

Battle Stats:

Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 8 +8 16
Attack 8 +12 20
Defense 6 +4 10
Sp. Attack 6 - 6
Sp. Defense 6 +4 10
Speed 8 +7 15