The Great Hunt

There was harmony for a long time, until the beast showed up.. Foul, degenerate beast prowling the countryside, attacking all trade and travelers from lands from afar. Soon after a dense fog began to rain down form the forest and the surrounding land, and whispers of curses and famine began to grow across the land. The once great city of Babylon has fallen to almost ruin, with very little left besides the great hunters who now protect the city. A guild was form to hunt the great beast of the forest that is said to be the source of fog and by proxy, the madness the local fauna are experience. Weather for wanting of peace, riches, or fame, you have come to help the hunt.

Trainer Level: 7
Money: 5k
Special: Everyone Gains a Signature Feat From the GM.

Unfortunate Souls


The Land of the Hunt The Strange and the Mad