The Brawn



Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 255
Level: 13
XP: 0/10
Classes: Aura Guardian, Martial Artist
Normal theme:

Boss Fight:

People say they can outsmart me, maybe, maybe… but I am yet to meet someone who can outsmart FIST.


Hit Points 90/90
Injuries 0
HP 15 +3 18
Attack 10 +10 20
Defense 5 +5 10
Sp. Atk 5 +0 5
Sp. Def 5 +5 10
Speed 5 +0 5
Overland 8 Swim 4
Jump 1/2 Power 6
Throw 6
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal DB4 1d8+6 Melee, 1 Target A basic attack with no special effect.
Rock Smash At-Will 2 Fighting DB6 2d6+8 Melee, 1 Target Rock Smash lowers the target’s Defense 1 Combat Stage on 17+.
Mach Punch At-Will 2 Fighting DB8 2d8+10 Melee, 1 Target, Priority A extremely fast punch.
Focus Energy At-Will - Normal DB0 - Self, Status The user becomes Pumped. While Pumped, the user’s Critical Range is extended by 2, or 18+ if the Critical Range is not otherwise extended. Being switched will cause this effect to end.
Detect Scene - Fighting DB0 - Self, Interrupt, Shield, Trigger If the user is hit by a Move, the user may use Detect. The user is instead not hit by the Move. You do not take any damage nor are you affected by any of the Move’s effects.
Force Palm At-Will 2 Fighting DB6 2d6+8 Melee, 1 Target, Aura Force Palm Paralyzes the target on 18+.
Drain Punch Scenex2 2 Fighting DB12 3d12+10 Melee, 1 Target, Aura After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.
Focus Punch Scenex2 2 Fighting DB19 6d12+30 Melee, 1 Target, Priority(limited),Aura Use of Focus Punch must be declared as a Priority (Limited) action at the beginning of the round. Nothing happens at this time. At the end of the round, if the target hasn’t been hit by an attack dealing damage equal to at least 25% of the user’s Maximum Hit Points, the user may Shift and use Focus Punch. Focus Punch’s Frequency is not expended if it is negated by an attack
Name Frequency Activation Effect
Iron Fist Static - The user increases the Damage Base of the following Moves by +2; Bullet Punch, Comet Punch, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, Dynamic Punch, Fire Punch, Meteor Mash, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Sky Uppercut, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, and Power-Up Punch
Scrappy Static - Ghost Types are not immune to the user’s Normal and Fighting-Type Moves.
aura Storm Static - For each injury the user has, they gain a +3 Bonus to Damage Rolls


Companion: Magni
Active Roster: Magni
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