Territories of the Grass Sea


Unclaimed Grasslands

Central Grassland The unclaimed quiet heart of the Grass Sea, surrounded on all sides by tribes. Contains: Old Home
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Lily Tribe

Central Lily Tribe The heart of the Lily Tribe, where the craftsmarket, homes, and knifehouses dwell. Somewhere, the Princess' Fief stands.
Outer Lily Tribe The outer band of the Lily Tribe, where the barracks, stables, and general residences stand.
Lily Outskirts The outer ring of emptied grass sea around the Lily Tribe, kept intentionally clear to provide a clear view for miles around. Mauv often stands watch and rides out to meet those who approach.
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Lily Bog A hard-to-find depression in the terrain filled up with run-off from the nearby river, it has become home to a number of water-loving pokemon.
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Chrome Tribe

Chrome Outskirts The outer territory of the Chrome Tribe, where the land is unusually parched and the sun beats a little harder than usual.
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Stone Eagle Grave A strange area of hard-packed soil, surrounded by spires of stone like the ribs of a titanic corpse.
Chrome Heartlands The central section of the Chrome Tribe, where the settlements and important matters are.
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Bloomhome The capital of the Chrome Principality, a glorious permanent settlement built up around the Hanging Gardens: a gift of floral beauty from a loving husband to his wife.