The Gateway

Fortune Teller 8WD1WmR.png

Level: 7.0
Classes: Oracle / Chronicler / Channeler
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: I'm working on it (174lbs thicc)

Mental Static (Battle Theme)

Note: Add Glitched Existence/Martial Road, Caldera TM

Acrobatics 2d6 Intimidate 1d6
Athletics 2d6+2 Stealth 2d6
Combat 1d6 Survival 1d6
General 2d6 Pokemon 2d6
Medicine 2d6 Technology 1d6
Occult 4d6
Guile 2d6 Perception 4d6+2
Charm 4d6[+2] Focus 2d6
Command 3d6 Intuition 4d6
Overland 5 Swim 2
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 4 Throw 6

Hit Points 84/84
Injuries 0
HP 12 +8 20
Attack 5 5
Defense 8 +2 10
Sp. Atk 5 +5 10
Sp. Def 7 +3 10
Speed 8 +2 10
Name Frequency Usage Effect
Pickup Daily Extended You may use Pickup as an Extended Action that requires at least 5 minutes. Roll 1d20, consult the Pickup keyword to figure out what you find!
Perception* Static The user gains +1 Evasion. Whenever an Ally uses a damaging area-of-effect attack that would hit you, you may Disengage as a Free Action before the attack resolves.
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal 1d8+6 (DB4) Melee 1 T
Snarl EoT 2 Dark 2d6+8 (DB6) Special Cone 2, Sonic Lowers All Legal Target's SpAtk -2 CS.
Growl AW 2 Normal Status Burst 1, Friendly, Sonic, Social Lowers All Legal Target's Atk -1 CS.
Spirit Link EoT 3 Normal 1d8+8 (DB5) Special, Swift 5, Ranged Blast 2 Allies in the AOE of this Move do not take damage from this attack. All qualified participants in this Move may make a Channel attempt against all Pokemon hit as a Free Action. Rolls to Channel enemies are made at a -1 Penalty. Bonus: All qualified participants may immediately Channel all other participants as a Free Action. Requires Tim.


Lily's Active: 416MS.png cLRGFOq.png AGqoNe8.png 164MS.png 322MS.png EA6yXdj.png

?? Active: ??

Stored (for the HIVE): NZgzCca.png
Sold?: 339MS.png SrHYRed.png u7uuH2Y.png

To Add:

1. Unsettling: Any skill checks made with the following skills with Eevee in sight take a -2 penalty: any Education skill, Survival, Charm, Intimidate, Guile, Intuition, Focus, Command.
2. Observed (Volatile): Effect: None.
3. Glitch: Deals SE against Electric/Steel/Psychic, NVE against Ghost and Poison. Resist: Normal/Electric, Weak: Ghost/Psychic
4. Planetfall: AC 3 — Burst 1 — Set-Up, Smite, Rock — Physical — Scene x2 - DB12 4d10+10 — Set-Up Effect: The user rises 50m into the air. — Resolution Effect: Shift as if your movement capabilities were doubled, then attack in a Burst 1 with Planetfall. For each 10% of HP the user is missing, Planetfall's Damage Base is reduced by 1. If the user is Luminous, Planetfall may deal damage as if it were Fairy-type instead; or if the user is Radiant, Planetfall may deal damage as if it were Fire-type instead. Targets cardinally adjacent to the Burst of this move also take this move's damage, as if Triply Resisted. Then the user takes 2 Ticks of Damage.