Soleil Region

The Crimeworld Redux game takes place in the Soleil Region


The crown jewel of the Soleil region, Gypsum City is a sparkling metropolis, filled to the brim with travelers and services for them, ranging from restaurants, to hotels, to places to let pokemon stretch.

Home to the Pokemon League of the region and its grand complex referred to as “Battle World”, Gypsum has the largest selection of trainer specialty stores in the region, as well as the largest number of plain old trainers ready to battle.

Locations of note in Gypsum City proper include-

  • The Sunshine Cafe- A relatively small restaurant, regularly visited by a large number of trainers looking to test their skills in battle against the clients and staff. Due to the regular swarms to descend upon it, the Sunshine Cafe has moved mainly to a reservation list, with only a few lucky people able to get in without one.
  • PlusPower Superstore- The main outlet of the PlusPower Corporation in the Soleil region and, for the most part, the world. This store is nearly unmatched in selection of trainer-beloved gear, carrying a wide selection of high quality pokeballs, medicines, and camping supplies. It also has a frequent buyer program, rewarding those who shop with it with minor discounts and coupons.
  • Concord Park- A grassy park, near a large pond in the city. Frequented by those who want to relax in nature, while not heading too far afield. There’s a small population of Nidorans living in it, thanks to newcomers to the region who let their pokemon run loose.
  • Darkmoon Hotel- A large hotel, run by one of the sponsors of the current run of the Pokemon League. Trainers who find themselves entered in the League often stay here, enjoying their discount for participating.
  • Darl’s Discount Machines- A store selling rather… unofficial technical machines and modifications to Pokeballs. On the ‘bad side’ of town, and, while it has a reputation for its merchandise working, it’s not always as intended…

Along with the above places, there are dozens of hotels and restaurants, all catering to trainers and their pokemon.