Sigurd Sempiternus

Price Character

The Undying.

Name : Sigurd Sempiternus
Age : 32
Gender : Male
Eyes : Pale Blue
Skin : Tanned
Hair : Bald with short black beard
Height : 6'5
Weight : 280
Trainer XP : 0 / 10
Class : Level 13 Iron Rager

  • Steelheart
  • Berserker
  • Fortress



Berserk theme:

Battle Theme:

Boss Fight Theme:


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body — 0
Acrobatics: 2d6
Athletics: 5d6
Combat: 5d6
Intimidate: 6d6
Stealth: 1d6
Survival: 4d6
Mind — 0
Guile: 2d6
Perception: 2d6
Education: General 2d6
Education: Medicine 3d6
Education: Occult 2d6
Education: Pokemon 2d6
Education: Technology 2d6
Spirit — 0
Charm: 1d6
Command: 2d6
Focus: 4d6
Intuition: 1d6

Combat Stats
Hit Points 87/87
Injuries 0
HP 17
Attack 10
Defense 20
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 10
Speed 5
Phys. Evasion 4
Sp. Evasion 2
Speed Evasion 1

Moves, Capabilities and Features

Action Points: 7/7

Elemental Connection: Steel Prerequisites: None
Choose an Elemental Type. You gain a +2 bonus to Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, and Intuition Checks targeting Pokémon of that Type. You may not take Elemental Connection if you have the Mystic Senses Edge, and you may not take Mystic Senses if you have Elemental Connection.
Novice Intimidate Prerequisites:
Raises Intimidate to Novice rank from Untrained
Novice Education: Medicine Prerequisites: none
Raises Education: Medicine to Novice rank from Untrained
Novice Focus Prerequisites:
Raises Focus to Novice rank from Untrained
Novice Survival Prerequisites: None
Raises Survival to Novice from Untrained.
Adept Intimidate Prerequisites: Level 2
Raises Intimidate from Adept rank from Novice.
Adept Combat Prerequisites: Level 2
Raises Combat to Adept rank from Novice.
Expert Athletics Prerequisites: Level 6
Raises Athletics to Expert rank from Adept.
Adept Survival Prerequisites: Level 6
Raises Survival to Adept from Novice.
Expert Intimidate Prerequisites: Level 6
Raises Intimidate to Expert rank from Adept.
Expert Combat Prerequisites: Level 6
Raises Combat to Expert rank from Adept.
Adept Focus Prerequisites: Level 2
Raises Focus from Adept rank from Novice.
Iron Mind Prerequisites: Novice Focus.
You become aware of all attempts to read your mind with Telepathy, whether the attempt is successful or not.
Master Intimidate Prerequisites: Level 12
Raises Intimidate to Master rank from Expert.
Power Boost Prerequisites: Expert Athletics
Increases your Power Capacity by +2

Growth Log

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Novice Survival, Adept Intimidate, +ATK
Level 3: Lesson in Rage and Pain(+HP), +SDEF
Level 4: Adept Combat , +ATK
Level 5: Fight On and On(+HP), +DEF
Amateur Trainer : Smith Rank 1(+ATK)
Level 6: Expert Athletics, Adept Survival +DEF
Level 7: Impenetrable(+DEF) +DEF
Level 8: Expert Intimidate +S.DEF
Level 9: Fortress(+DEF) +S.DEF
Level 10: Expert Combat +DEF
Capable Trainer: Power Boost, Iron Mind
Level 11: Slow or Steady(+DEF) +HP
Level 12: Master Intimidate, Adept Focus +DEF
Level 13: Wall of Iron(+DEF), +DEF



Head n/a
Body Chromatic Armor
Main Hand Simple Greatsword
Off-Hand Simple Greatsword
Feet Stabilisers
Accessory n/a
Simple Greatsword Raises AC by +1 and Damage Base by +2. Requires two hands. Grants Backswing
Chromatic Armor Metal armor with pearlescent crystal veins through it. grants +5 DR, +10 elemental DR changeable after being damaged by an elemental attack as a free action
Dark Vision Goggles Grants Dark Vision
Paired Cestus Raises base damage by +1, Grants Double Swipe
Assault Rifle Raise the AC of the Attack by +1, have a range of 12 meters, and raise the Damage Base by +1. Long Range Weapons can’t target Pokémon or Trainers that are closer than 4 meters from the user. Long Range Weapons are two-handed. Grants Salvo.
Stabilizers Stabilizers grant immunity to Push effects, but their weight and bulk lowers your Overland by -1.
TM 71 Teaches the move Stone Edge
Pokebucks LOADS EMONE x100
Greatball A better Poké Ball with no special effects. -10 to capture. x2
Super Potion Heals 35 HP x2
Full Heal Cures all Persistent Status Afflictions x2
Left Overs Snack. When their Digestion Buff is traded in, the user recovers 1/16th of their max Hit Points at the beginning of each turn for the rest of the encounter. x2
Bandages Bandages are applied as an extended action and last for six hours. Doublr natural Healing Rate and one injury if left in place for their full duration. x1
Oran Berry Moonshine Taste like varnish x6
Misshaped Oran Berries Heals 10 HP x10
Toxic Bottle Contains one use of the move Toxic. Thrown x1

All in all just another Brick in the WALL.

Species: Aron
Type: Steel/Rock
Gender: Male
Tutor Points: 6
Level: 28
Loyalty: 3
Egg Group: Monster

Overland 3
Swim 1
Jump 0/0
Power 5
Nature Walk Cave
Athletics 4d6+2
Acrobatics 1d6+1
Combat 3d6
Stealth 1d6
Perception 1d6+1
Focus 2d6+1
Nature: Impish — +DEF, -S.ATK
Hit Points: 83/83
Injuries: 0
Combat Stats
HP 5 15
Attack 7 15
Defense 12 25
Sp. Attack 2 2
Sp. Defense 4 11
Speed 3 3
Phys. Evasion 5
Spec. Evasion 2
Speed Evasion 0
Solid Rock Static When the user is hit by a Super-Effective attack, the attack deals x1.25 damage instead of x1.5 damage. If the user is hit by a Super-Super-Effective attack, the attack deals x1.5 damage instead of x2 damage. . If you have both Solid Rock and Filter, you gain 5 Damage Reduction against Super-Effective Damage. Defensive.
Bulletproof Static The user resists all X target ranged attacks one step further. This refers to attacks and Moves that simply hit one target or specify hitting multiple targets, such as Razor Wind hitting three targets. It has no effect on Moves that are capable of hitting multiple targets through areas of effect, such as Bursts or Cones. Defensive.
Accuracy Training Prerequisites: Level 20 Effect: Pick a Move(Stone Edge) with an AC of 3 or higher; the AC of the target Move is permanently lowered by 1. This Poké Edge may be taken up to three times, each time selecting a different Move.
Struggle AW — AC4
Normal — Physical DB4: 1d8+5 Melee
Rock Tomb AW — AC5
Rock — Physical DB(8): (2d8+10) Range 6, 1 Target, Rock Tomb lowers the target’s Speed by -1 Combat Stage, Grants Materializer
Stone Edge EOT — AC(4)
Rock — Physical DB(12): 3d12+10 Range: 8, 1 Target, Effect: Stone Edge is a Critical hit on 17+
Protect Scene
Normal — Status DB0 Self, Interrupt, Shield, Trigger, If the user is hit by a Move, the user may use Protect. The user is instead not hit by the Move. You do not take any damage nor are you affected by any of the Move’s effects.
Iron Head EOT — AC2
Steel — Physical DB(10): (3d8+10) Melee, 1 Target, Dash, Iron Head Flinches the target on 15+.
Metal Claw AW — AC3
Normal — Physical DB(7): (2d6+10) Melee, 1 Target, Spirit Surge, Raise the user’s Attack 1 Combat Stage on 18+.
Harden AW
Normal — Status DB0 Self, Raise the user’s Defense 1 Combat Stage.