Richard McMasters



Richard McMasters

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
Level: 2 (1 Grit)
Themes: Drive

A mechanic and underground hot rod racer that grew to love the thrum of engines so much he decided to maximize his power output.
Eventually he got the bright idea of putting mech engines in his racer and.. well there was no going back. He had a need to lay low after his ride exploded at the finish line anyway.
Joined up, got a real mech. Now he's here turning that specialty into money.


GMS - Everest - "You'll never forget it"

HP: 10+7
EV: 8
AR: 0
E-Def: 8
Speed: 4
Size: 1
Heat Cap: 6+2
Repair Cap: 5+1
Sensors: 10
Tech and Save: +0/10+1


Flex: Missile Rack and Missile Rack (Launcher, Loading. 10, blast 1. 1d3+1 explosive)
Main: Mortar (Main Cannon, Arcing Inaccurate. 15, Blast 1. 1d6+1 explosive)
Heavy: Thermal Lance (Heavy Cannon, 2 Heat(self), LINE 10. 1d6+3 energy)
Integrated: Prototype - Zeus Cannon (Cannon, energy, overkill, range 10, 1d6+2 energy)

Systems (6+1)