Name: 'Raven'
Age: Early 20s
Height: 5'6"
Weight: ?? idk

Level: 8
Trainer EXP: 0/10
Badges: 0

Physical Evasion: 1
Special Evasion: 1
Speed Evasion: 2

HP: 92/92
Injuries: 0
AP: 7/7
Health 22
Attack 5
Defense 5
Special Attack 5
Special Defense 5
Speed 10
Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Expert (5)
Athletics Untrained (2) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Pathetic (1) Survival Pathetic (1)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Adept (4) Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Untrained (2)
Guile Expert (5) Perception Untrained (2)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Adept (4) Intuition Novice (3)
Overland 5 Swim 2
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 4 Throw 6
Background: Abrasive Personality
"I am doctor. You don't believe? I stick you with knife."
Rank Up: Adept Guile, Intimidate
Rank Down: Charm, Combat, Survival

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Struggle AW 4 Normal DB4 Physical Melee Not a real move.
Name Frequency Effect
lol Static lol


Overland 3
Swim 3
Sky 8
High Jump 2
Long Jump 2
Power 1
Naturewalk (Grassland, Forest)

Victus: Female Ninjask Type: Dark/Flying Evasion: 0/0/5 Tutor Points: 3/5
Level 20, 407 EXP HP: 70/78 Injuries: 1 Size: Small, WC 2
Loyalty: 2? Held Item: Regimen: Brutal (Hardened)
Ability Usage Special Effect
Speed Boost Static The Pokémon’s Speed is raised 1 Combat Stage at the end of each of its turns. Speed Boost has no effect while out of combat.
Infiltrator Static The user gains a +2 Bonus to Stealth Checks, does not trigger Hazards, Blessings cannot be activated in response to its actions, and the user may bypass the effects of the move Substitute.
Cruelty Scene - Swift Action Trigger: The user hits a foe with a damaging attack After Damage is Resolved, the foe gains an Injury. The user is then informed of the total number of Injuries currently on the target, and may use that number to “purchase” the effects listed. 1 Injury: The target loses 2 Hit Points. May be “purchased” multiple times. 1 Injury: The target is Slowed. 2 Injuries: Until the end of the encounter, the target may not gain Hit Points or Temporary Hit Points from any source. This effect ends if the target is switched out or Takes a Breather.
Lonely Nature (+ATK, -Defense)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 6 +10 16
Attack 11 +10 21
Defense 3 0 3
Special Attack 5 0 5
Special Defense 5 0 5
Speed 16 +10 26
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
3d6+3 5d6+3 4d6 4d6+2 3d6 3d6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Savage Strike 2 Gain Cruelty
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Double Team Scene - Normal - Status Self, Illusion, Coat The user gains 3 activations of Double Team. The user may either activate Double Team when being targeted by an attack to increase their Evasion by +2 against that attack; or when making an attack to increase their Accuracy by +2 for that attack.
Scratch AW 2 Normal 1d8+6 (DB4) Physical Melee, Pass -
Hone Claws AW - Dark - Status Self The user’s Accuracy is raised by +1, and the user gains +1 Attack Combat Stage.
Pursuit AW 2 Dark 2d6+8 (DB4+2) Status Melee, 1 Target If the foe is fleeing or being switched out, Pursuit may be used as an Interrupt, targeting the triggering foe. When used as an Interrupt, Pursuit grants the user a +5 bonus to all Movement Speeds, and has a Damage Base of 8+2 (3d8+10).
Fury Swipes EOT 5 Normal 1d6+5 (DB3) Physical Melee, 1 Target, Five Strike -
Fury Cutter AW 3 Bug 1d8+6 (DB4) Physical Melee, 1 Target If Fury Cutter is used successfully and consecutively on the same target, the Damage Base is increased by +4 to a maximum of 16. For example, the first hit would have a DB of 4; the second hit a DB of 8; the third hit a DB of 12; the fourth and further hits a DB of 16. If Fury Cuter misses or fails to damage its target, its Damage Base resets.