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It is the late 18XX and the world is preparing for war. Thanks to the power of pokemon with terraforming and weather control capabilities, Russia has been able to make use of their massive holdings to become a unrivaled world power.

With hundreds of thousands of pokemon and trainers as a standing army, Russia has begun a campaign to take Europe and gain control of pokemon habitats and lands there.
The hastily formed European union has sent out a plea for aid to the worlds major powers, and the powers have responded.
The United States of America and Japan have formed a coalition to defeat the Russian menace and return the world to peace. Together with sympathetic countries from all over the world, they take the fight to the Red soldiers.

You are part of an elite team formed by the coalition to take the fight to the Russians and pave the way for victory
Are you a bad enough dude(or lady) to save the world?
Find out on this episode of POKE'REDWAR


Knives EVERYWHERE - Janus
Tokugawa Ezo - Gents
Dinah - Eris
Abram - BMW
Eleanor - Anise

Commander Steel - NPC
Kim Ru Jong - NPC
Shinryu Miyamoto -NPC
Doctor Science MD -NPC?
Captain Canada - NPC
— Deceased and missing
Totally not a MGS character - Gents


State of the Western Front, as at the end of Mission 4.

Side Missions

Sometimes you will become aware of tasks that fall outside the purview of your mission, but will benefit you in some way if pursued. These tasks can be undertaken in your own time or you can get special leave to pursue them from a superior if you wish to get some cash on the side. This is also where you can find most of your research ingredients and make contacts that will subtly change the face of the war.





The Japanese ride the cutting edge of military poketech, but sometimes, they need a little help. By using these items or completing side objectives, you can unlock more stable forms of the prototype technology and continue on the upgrade tree.


Upgrade tree

Special Items

Throwing weapons



Research Needed

Armour and Accessories

Completed Prototypes