Pocket Monster Hunter: Freedom: Unite: 2G: Third Strike: Championship Edition: Beach Volleyball & Knuckles


The Dragon has been ousted from his Mount, and The Hungerless Maw has been sealed shut by the efforts of legendary heroes. The Prideful Dragon, The Silent Archer, The Burning Hammer, and the Burnished Steel: four legends who braved monstrous foes and beat the winged monsters of myth down from the skies on their unconquered assault on That Which Sits The Heavens. The battle raged and shown for the world around to see, flashes of figures and combat burned like titanic gods onto the clouds above the peaks of the Dracomount. It was with an scream of outrage that the battle was ended, and a blast of power felt the world around that victory was announced. And then it all went to hell.

Memories returned, and it was surges of pain. Flashes of long healthy lives, of love and heartbreak, of sorrow and pain. Of death. Seas of death. And the journey to this place: the afterdeath, a land where souls come to their end. A land whose exit has been torn open by the might of humanity, a flippant dismissal of the lord of death that countless others run towards in hopes of a return of this life.

It is here you find yourself: caught in the endless forward press of a throng of humanity, banding together for a chance to freedom. Caught between three camps around the rechristened Hero's Crown, the mountain range where Giratina was felled, you have become a de facto protector of the helpless and opener of the way. You will crush whatever beast seeks to assail this fortress of civilization and clear any obstacles in its way. And at the end of it, a return to glorious true life awaits.



If you hadn't gathered from the name, PMH is kind of a mix of Pokemon and Monster Hunter. You're a badass trainer who kills considerably bigger and deadlier beasts in the hope of using their corpses to fashion better tools so you can fight the biggest and deadliest. If you manage to bring down a pokebeast, you can make a Survival or Pokemon Education to find out what materials you can salvage - or contrive to haul it back, and have the butchering done. Bring them to one of the warbands' redoubts around the Hero's Crown and all your desires can be fulfilled.

Most combat will be Trainers vs. Pokemon, though if you manage to wrestle some pokemon into submission, you may find a very willing and faithful companion. If you call in a few favours, you might even be able to get some equipment made for them too.

With regards to length, I dunno lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Level 1. No Pokemon. No Items. Final Destination.
Books: Core, Game of Throhs, Rich Kid, Detective, Artist, Punk
Level: 13
Stats: 5/3/3/3/3/3 Base; divide 25 points. No stat can be higher than 20.
Pokemon: None
Items: 4500P

Note: The technology level in this land is fairly primitive, such that even pokeballs do not exist. Certain particularly complex items will be unavailable, and so will classes that rely on them.

Whodis Trapgirl - Gents
Vulcan - Price
Tula - Falconis
Leide - Janus
Meowstro - Also Gents


Material Carving
On successfully completing a hunt, the party may attempt to make X many Carves of material from it. X is the Beast's Level/5 - Injuries + 1, or 2; whichever is higher.
Carves come in three types: Hide, Gut, and Trophy. The type is declared when the attempt is made, and influences what the resulting material is.
Carves have two stages: Assessment, and Removal. Depending on the Type of the beast, make a skill check with a DC equal to 3 x Mission Difficulty. On a success, make a skill check using one of Med. Edu, Survival, or Poke. Edu. On a success, congratulations: you successfully carved the beast.

Alchemical Crafting

Alchemical Crafting is the process of turning cool loot ripped from the bodies of conquered beasts into useful gear, fashionable wear, and rad trophies. It can be done in one of two ways: Alchemizing an existing item to improve its performance, or crafting a new item through Alchemical processes which makes full use of the components. Either way, it requires three things to produce an alchemized item: the Base Material, the Secondary Material, and an optional Decorative Material. The crafter determines the intent and type of item they would like to create, and makes a skill roll based on the category of item. Poor skill rolls may not be quite what they intended, while excellent rolls might exceed the original goal.

Alchemizing Base Item: Produces moderate strength effect on top of existing item's traits (AW Move, Small Skill Bonus, Small Save Bonus, etc.)
Requires: Equip Item as Base Material; Secondary and Decorative Material can be any of Carved Item, Basic Restorative, Repel, Berry, Apricorn, Held Items, Evolutionary Items, Dream Mist, Pester Ball, or Smoke Ball.

Crafting Alchemized Item: Effect variance is broader, but potential strength is considerably higher.
Requires: Carved Item as Base, and Secondary Materials; Decorative Material can be any of Carved Item, Basic Restorative, Repel, Berry, Apricorn, Held Items, Evolutionary Items, Dream Mist, Pester Ball, or Smoke Ball

Crafting Alchemized Consumable: Produces variable strength effects in one of multiple categories, on top of existing effects.
Requires: 1 ~ 3 Carved Item(s), Regular Craft Requirements
Per Carve: Roll a d20, and add/subtract your skill rank - 3: Intuition (for snacks) or Med. Edu (for restoratives). Higher rolls grant positive effects, lower rolls grant negative effects.
Flavours: Carves have specific Flavours that affect how they impact the end result. Those Flavours and the rough categories of effects are: Gamy - Statuses; Fishy - Stats and Combat Stages; Fatty - Actions; Nutty - Unpredictable; Smooth - Damage and DR; Gentle - HP and Injuries; Luxurious - Biased towards positive effects; Offensive - Biased towards negative effects.

0Tqut7t.png The Essence of Fear
Forest — ★★★ — Any Time
A swarm of omnivorous rats has moved into a nearby forest, and are devouring everything: the grass, the trees, the wilds. They must be stopped.

Danger! High Voltage
Mountain Foothills — ★★★ — Any Time
There have been reports of a strange energy around a nearby mountain: one that makes hair stand on end, and metal shock the flesh like on a cold Winter morning. There have also been reports of strange beings, dug into the base of that mountain…feeding on the energy. Any attempts to investigate has been met with furious, violent destruction.


Blow Your Own Way (Bounty Offered)
Meadow — ★★★ — Dawn
A high-floating swarm of seedlings has been spotted on the horizon, the spawn of a cold summer returning to feed in preparation for evolution. Were they fewer in number, this would be no threat - but at these quantities, they far outstrip what the land could give to plants and now all life is at risk.


Vive La Fish!
Lake — ★★★ — Any Time
Recent upheaval at the lake has led to a new species of fish Pokemon taking command of the area. They have forced the fishermen back, harshly limiting their hauls, while pursuing a violent purge that leaves the corpses of other fish floating in bits to the surface.


Whoa, She's A Souleater
Mountain — ★★★★ — Night
A phantom wailing, a ghostly figure, and swift kidnappings of passersby. The mountain has become haunted by a terrifying figure, unhindered by the need to hide - or perhaps unhinged in her grief. Survivors report a flowing gown and a face streaked by dark tears, wrapped in a storm of ice and reaching phantoms - those who keep the ability to speak, at least.


Ruins Rescue
Ruins — ★★★★ — Any Time
A townswoman has told of a Hunter who has gone in search of ruins, at the border between distant mountains and a desert. She seeks confirmation that he lives or has passed - but whatever drew him here might still exist and worth taking.

Requires: Bowgirl
Reward: Anxious Pearl, Terrifying Spoon


Shock the Dragon
Mountain Peak — ★★★★ — Any Time
A townsman has told of a foolish man, who attempted to tame a wild beast only to have it turn on him and end his life in vicious manner. He seeks its death, and closure for his own heart.

Requires: Bowgirl
Reward: Broken Pottery, Probing Whiskers, Fite-Me Fists


Dangerous Down
Varies — ★ ~ ★★★★★ — Varies
A number of exotic fliers have been spotted in the region, without known cause. While harming any of them permanently risks agitating the growing swarms, perhaps one could harvest some of their valuable breast-feathers…
Current Targets:

  • Doduo
  • Farfetch'd
  • Noibat
  • Pelipper
  • Talonflame


Warcrafter's Stable
Service: Weapons, Armour, Hand, Foot Crafting; Combat-related effects and items.
Fee: 2 Carved Materials
Time: 1 ~ 2 Hunts


Sewaddle's Seam
Service: Body, Hand, Accessory, Head, Foot Crafting; Skill and non-damage combat-related effects and items.
Fee: 2 Carved Materials
Time: 1 ~ 2 Hunts


Service: Head, Foot, Hand Crafting; General utility effects and items.
Fee: 1 Carved Material
Time: 1 Hunt


Service: General Store
Fee: 0 ~ ∞P


Service: Move Tutoring
Fee: 1 Carve matching Type of Move to be Learnt


Essentialist's Den
Service: Soul Delving
Fee: 2 Trophy Materials per Consultation; Special

All pokemon art has been jacked without permission from Gryphon-Shifter.
All icons have been taken from Game Icons.