Kings of the Grass Sea


SPRING Week 9/Month 4
⇢ Territories of the Grass Sea
⇢ Personae of the Grass Sea
⇢ Wildlife of the Grass Sea
⇢ Assets of the Grass Sea

Legacy of the Dynasty

The pounding of hooves. Torches held aloft. Swords in the night. Screaming bannermen. Sprays of searing blood. Betrayal. Flight. This is the legacy left to you, the sons of the Grand Prince of the Grass Seas, the man slated to be the next ruler of the united tribes of the plains. He, the second son and only surviving child of the legendary Eleven Arts Tiger, was a man of noble bearing and regal virtues. Wise, strong, unconquerable on horseback or with a blade in hand, yet cruelly struck down by the first of his royal guard: by the hand of his own cousin.

Vengeance for his own father's upstaging at the hands of the Eleven Arts Tiger, a furious rebellion against the idea of a unified plains and old grudges unsated, or perhaps just a rebellion against the idea of unity under any but himself: either way, the result was the same. Violent betrayal in the dark of night, the murder of his own brothers in arm, and striking down the man he had sworn to protect with his own life. It was only the swift actions of loyal handmaidens and the valiant swordwork of a dying father that scurried you away to safety behind the hem of your mother's dress, fleeing into the dark of night.

And so you lived the hard life, a handful of fatherless children and their resource-less mother cast into the plains with no family, no allies, no sheep, and no horse. But your mother was a hard woman before she was Princess Consort, a woman of Steel and not soft Gold. And she raised you to be the same. Now, you have matured to her satisfaction and are capable enough in the ways of the tribes: of song, of dance, of battle, and of beasts. And so she sends you forth with a single missive, one dream she wishes you fulfill for an old woman before her time closes.

Go forth. Rise. Conquer. And show them all that the King still rides.

Mandate of the King

Your mother, former-Princess Consort Yboni, has bid you to seek vengeance for your fallen father. Whether you do so by your own blades, by re-uniting the tribes and bringing warfare, or through some other contrivances, is up to you. But your foe, the Malachite Prince Mrald, rules the single largest union of tribes still on the plains. He is held in check only by the tenuous alliance of the excluded tribes - and by his own disdain, finding them unfit to ride out and deal with.

Whether you seek alliance, seek strength, or seek success by any means: victory is his shame and death.

Necessities of a King


:: Level 1
:: Core, Game of Throhs, Playtest Packets, Sun and Moon References
:: Level 10 Pokemon1
:: 5000P, Item Based on Backstory

Kings Ascendant

Gents Lily The eldest, a questionable but effective maven of foresight.
Price Sable The eldest son, of quiet intensity.
TheBMW Amber The middle daughter, whose back is strong enough for five.
Falconis Timothy The middle son, who hides his sense of responsibility behind casual time-wasting.
Dude Vanilla The 'youngest' daughter, who is protected by a wall of siblings.
February 17th 5TXP, 0PXP
February 24th 5TXP, 0PXP
Marth 3rd
March 10th 5TXP, 90PXP
March 17th 5TXP, 30PXP
March 24th 0TXP, 0PXP
April 1st 5TXP, 35PXP
April 8th 11th 0TP, 0PXP
May 4th 0TP, 60PXP
May 26th 5TXP, 65PXP, 3GP
June 5th 0TXP, 80PXP, 2GP
June 27th 5TXP, 20PXP, 1GP
July 3rd 5TXP, 0PXP, 1GP
August 5th 0TXP, 60PXP, 0GP
August 25th 0TXP, 70PXP, 2GP
November 24th 0TXP, 125PXP, 2GP
February 8th 0TXP, 55PXP, 3GP

Accomplishments of Merit


Achievement Unlocked
Prerequisite: Unlock your first Achievement (Blue Blood).

A Single Step
Prerequisite: Complete the first session.