GiGi Solon


PokeGate, Vice

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143lbs

Level: 18.0

  • Hobbyist
  • Capture Specialist
  • Tumbler


GiGi Solon, Vice



Hit Points 85/85
Injuries 0
HP 10 +3 13
Attack 7 +8 15
Defense 7 +3 10
Sp. Atk 5 - 5
Sp. Def 7 +3 10
Speed 9 +9 18
Struggle AW — AC4
Normal — Physical DB4: 1d8+6 Melee
Rock Smash AW — AC2
Fighting — Physical DB4: 1d8+6 Range: Melee, 1T — Effect: Rock Smash lowers the target’s Defense 1 Combat Stage on 17+.
Aerial Ace EoT —
Flying — Physical DB6: 2d6+8 Range: Melee, 1T — Effect: Cannot Miss.
Splash AW —
Normal — Status DB- Range Self, Shift ActionEffect: The user may make a single Jump, adding +1 to their Long Jump and High Jump values, and gains +2 Evasion until the end of their next turn. Grants +1 Long Jump
Acrobatics EoT — AC2
Flying — Physical DB6: 2d6+8 Range: Melee, 1T, DashEffect: If the user is not holding an item, Acrobatics instead has is DB11 (3d10+10)
Bounce Scene x2 — AC4
Flying — Physical DB6: 2d6+8 Range: Melee, 1T, Dash, Full ActionEffect: The user first Shifts, gaining a +1 Bonus to Movement Speed and to their Jump Capabilities. After the user Shifts, they may attack with Bounce. The target becomes Vulnerable, and is Paralyzed on 16+. Grants High Jump +1
Pierce! EoT — AC2
Normal — Physical DB7: 2d6+10 Ranged: 4, 1T — Effect: Pierce deals an additional +10 damage against targets with Damage Reduction.
Name Frequency Effect
Dodge Daily - Free Trigger: The user is hit by a Damaging Move. — Effect: The triggering Move instead misses. Defensive.
Run Away Static The User does not provoke Attacks of Oppourtunity by shifting and cannot be Trapped.


Companion: Smeargle
Active Roster: Smeargle, Bouffalant, Drampa
Held Eggs:
In Storage:
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