PokeGate Systems

The Kuldar system was the first one discovered by humanity after the opening of the Gate. The system consists of five(5) planets orbiting a luminous orange dwarf after which the system is named.

Kuldar 001 and 002 are the closest planets to the star and the smallest in the whole system, actually sharing the same tight orbit half and half. The planets complete a year in only 30 earth days and would have fallen into the star long ago if not for the counterbalancing effect Kuldar 004 has on their orbit.

Kuldar 004 is a massive gas giant covered in swirling yellow clouds that are primarily Chlorine. It follows a complex orbit around the main star with a pattern that is estimated to (roughly) repeat itself every 300 years or so. This strange dance combines with the more regular orbit of Kuldar 003 to keep the two smaller, closer planets from decaying their orbits. Though this cannot last forever.

Kuldar 005 is roughly the same size as Kuldar 003, but where the latter is covered in sand and stone the former is covered in ice and more ice. Vast and yet unmapped caves dot the surface of the planet, giving it a perforated appearance. Twenty Six moons orbit the planet, each fought viciously over as valued territory by the pokemon from the main planet.

Equatorial Perimeter 32,244 km
Discovered Pokemon
Dwebble? Emolga? Sandile? Burmy? Numel?
Gible Mudbray? Stunfisk? Diglett Chinchou?
Caterpie? Lepidotope Wheelody Kecleon Passimian
Discovered Locations
Thunder Spires "A barren area dotted with massive crystalline spires jutting from the ground. These Spires are electrically active and charge the area with static, energizing all who enter. The Spires are home to herds of colored Rhydon who are able to fend off the Gabite and Garchomp. These Rhydon are close to their Sol counterparts but are currently undergoing a transformation to adapt to their new home and are unable to evolve.".
Scarlet Tear "A jungle-choked gorge filled with radioactive crystals and innumerable caverns. Hostile wildlife include spear-wielding Kecleon. Theorized to connect to Dragon's Cradle." -GE02

Kuldar 003: Nakta

"When the captain saw what was on the other side of the gate he named it Nakta, the joke of the gods."

Flying on Nakta is dangerous

Eighty percent of the surface of Kuldar 003 is covered in golden brown sand and reddish stone, broken up only by massive mountains and the occasional life supporting oasis. Sandstorms ravage the surface in the heat of the day creating a dangerous living environment that sends most pokemon hiding. As a consequence the majority of the planet's pokemon are nocturnal and cover what ground they need to with nimble steps under the light of the twin moons.

At least one of the twin moons, Dahak and Masa, are visible at any given point in the day and they occasionally can be seen at the same time if you are in the right place.

There are reports of vast sunless seas below the surface.

Discovered Locations
Rustlight Outpost This corpse of a federation destroyer has been repurposed into a small city by those living on the planet. It is the core of human occupation on Nakta.
Triumvirate Peak There is a point on the surface where you can see the great three at once. It is a beautiful sight.
Glimmering Oasis Clear, fresh water and cool shade create a perfect getaway. The nearby Stunfisk guard it jealously.
Sole Gold Desert Despite its appearance, actual gold content in these dunes are pretty low. Though the occasional nugget can be found, most tend to stay away from these dangerous, and flammable, sands.
Dragon's Den A barren mountain range which has been claimed by the planet's Garchomp population. Bits of land occasionally float away.
Dragon's Cradle A world of crystal deep underground. A massive geode with mystical power. Kuldar's Gate Key is there. Sunless Sea Access
Equatorial Perimeter 30,498 km
Discovered Pokemon
WhtDurant BlkDurant Druddigon ??? ??? ???

Kuldar 005:<Unnamed>

"And I thought the target was a hellhole. I'm never coming back here." - Random Solar Federation Soldier

Kuldar 005 is a large ball of ice and death with practically non existent tectonic activity and little by way of atmosphere. While preliminary studies show that it was not always this way, even very recently in the past (on a planetary scale), something has caused a cessation of tectonic motion.

The planet is orbited by twenty four moons, some formed from the planet's own flesh during its violent halting and some simply being particularly large external bodies caught up in the mess.

The surface is dotted by large and largely unexplored caverns and caves with confirmed sightings of Durant like pokemon entering and exiting regularly as they struggle over property on the moons and surface (and perhaps below) alike.

Discovered Locations
The Moons Endless battlefields among the White and Black Durant. Purpose unknown.