PokeGate Missions

Missions Board

Over the course of your travels your team will receive many requests, from more than just the Solar Federation. You can view them here. All bounties are paid to the team account unless otherwise stated.

Solar Federation

The Solar Federation is your main employer. Keep them happy and supplied and you can receive more lucrative assignments.
Bounties will also be paid for exceptional captures beyond this list and any research material your team can provide will also be rewarded.

Kuldar Missions List
Pokemon to catch Quantity Bounty
Garchomp? 3/3 ₽2000
Mudsdale? 2/2 ₽2000
Crustle? 2/2 ₽2000
Stunfisk? 2/2 ₽2000
Tentacruel? 1/1 ₽3000
Gible? 1/1 ₽3000
Druddigon? 0/1 ₽5000
Dragonair? 1/1 ₽5000
Non Bounty submissions
Digletts Data and DNA +₽2000
Kecleon, Lepidotope, and more +₽11,000

Side Missions

Available side missions, organized by region.
Kuldar : 3

Completed Missions