PokeGate Gaiden: The Mercurial Lords

Grissom and Grissom, a Mars based Research and Development firm, have created a new device that mimics the weather controlling abilities of pokemon. While other technologies have long since been in use this device is notable due to its high efficiency compared to competitors. Promising an over 50% increase in efficiency, this technology could in theory be run in a region for an entire year for the cost of an average citizen's monthly electric bill.

An official release of the product has been scheduled for quite some time, but has met delays due to saboteurs. Shipping transports have been stolen en route to factories and engineers attacked on their daily commute. They've received a tip off the Green Man Group are behind the attacks, and precognitive analysts put an attack on the scheduled release day as a surety.

G&G have brought the attacks to the attention of the authorities, and you have been sent in to track down the GMG operatives and neutralize them.