Pokegate Cyberworld


"Imagine this. You're walking home at night when all of a sudden you get accosted by criminals; No time to reach your pokeballs and these ruffians are demanding far more than your money. Just when all looks bleak, a cry from above! The resident officers have already arrived on their Staraptor and arrest the criminals in good time. But how, you never got a chance to put up a fight much less reach for your dex, how did they know you needed help? The answer dear friends, is the new pokedex you got last night upgraded with a Psychotech computation core! It analyzed the situation and quickly sent a description of the muggers and your dire straights to the police emergency response dispatch, causing them to fly out to your rescue.
Emergency response, automated transport, personal work assistance, these things and more can be yours with the newest innovation in Psychic Technologies all for the equivalent of a single month of a Computer's wages. Try it today!
" -except from PB01 Launch

Psychotechnology fever spread like wildfire in the wake of the 1902 world war. The convenience and customization potential the technology offered appealed to young trainers looking for an easy time after the struggles of the warring period and the promise of safety with a response mainframe in every Jennystation gave scared people a way to feel safe in troubled times. Luckily for the people of Earth the promises of the technology proved true and before long it was difficult to find a way life had not been improved by the addition of such a valuable and versatile technology.
Advancements came hot and fast and countless startups were born on the back of this new tech. With so many companies competing to push the cutting edge, it was only a matter of time until someone slipped and got injured.

At the turn of the millennium, a bit of bad coding from fifty years prior that had quietly been copied over into the majority of operating systems saw the common computer core generating new processes endlessly and when they became overwhelmed, petitioning the regional nexus for a portion of thoughtspace as they were designed. When the regional required assistance it sought unoccupied thoughtspace to purchase processing time from and finding none was supposed to shut down. Instead, the thoughtstack overflowed and the system found conveniently unoccupied thoughtspace. That of humanity and their pokemon.

The weeks of terror that arose from that experience before the Dark and specially trained individuals were able to fight through the maddened hordes and reportedly escaped lab experiments are not ones humanity will easily forget, but the experience was valuable. It taught them the importance of saftey and it showed them a whole new world. The Cyberworld.



The Cyberworld is an amazing new place and its understandable that everyone wants to get in on it, but there are a few requirements for any pokemon or trainer that desires to get into the Cyberworld.

Trainers generally have strong minds and only need a datajack in order to interact with the Cyberworld. When they dive in they can easily form a Digital Avatar and through it manipulate objects in digital space.

Pokemon however, while possessing surprising abilities, generally have trouble interacting with the Cyberworld unless they have the Wired Capability. Pokemon that lack this capability must acquire a datajack just like their trainers but must also be trained in the Digital Avatar Poke Edge.

Digital Avatar
Prerequisites: Datajack Augmentation
Cost: 1 Tutor Point
Effect: The Pokémon may dive into computer systems and networks and gains a 2d6 in Technology Education

Pokemon or Trainers with the Wired Capability are the exceptions, not requiring a Datajack to enter the Cyberworld at all. However unlike those that enter using datajacks, Wired pokemon are there 'in the flesh' so to speak. While this allows them an incredible advantage over most digital matters, they are also more vulnerable than someone simply interacting using an Avatar.

Accessing the Cyberworld

One the user has satisfied the condition of having a datajack (and Digital Avatar edge if a pokemon) they can begin the process to access the Cyberworld.
If the target server is public or under your own control, most of the work has already been done. Find a port and jack in or if it's wireless just connect wherever you want within range and you're in!

For networks to which you do not have access credentials you must make a DC12 Technology Education check to bypass the security and connect. Failing this check will cause you to become Suppressed and Slowed until you Take a Breather or take an extended rest, also restricting you from accessing the Cyberworld again until such a time. Some networks will have further security protocols or access specifications which must be met on an individual basis.

Upon successful connection you can now interact with Cyberworld fixtures such as Server Cores and Nexuses, other connected pokemon and trainers, info boards, digital landscapes and more!

Digital Combat


Digital Avatars also have the ability to engage in combat in the Cyberworld. A Digital Avatar's stats are calculated in the following ways.

Instead of HP they have Integrity. Integrity is calculated using (Trainer Levelx2)+(HPxTechnology Education Rank/2)+10 for trainers, and (Pokemon Level)+(HPxTechnology Education Rank/2)+10 for pokemon.

Attack and Special Attack are equal to Technology Education Rank x 3, and Defense and Special Defense are equal to Focus x 3.

Damage causes a loss of Integrity, which represents mental stress, corrupted files and other damage to the data and programs of the hacker. When Integrity is reduced to 0, a Pokémon or Trainer is ejected from the digital world and is also stunned as if they had failed an access check.

Many equivalents of basic restorative items for Integrity exist in the form of programs that Trainers can bring with them and execute when diving into computer networks. Just as when Pokémon or Trainers are fainted in meatspace, or real world, battles, Integrity must be raised above 0 again before diving back in.

Digital Avatars have access to all the moves, skills, and capabilities of their controllers and can be used in combat. In addition, Trainers and Pokémon may attempt to directly attack the code of an opponent in the digital world. Doing so is a Technology Education roll that automatically deals damage equal to the roll to the target, ignoring damage reduction.

Additionally, Trainers have a new Edge for digital survivability:

Defensive Hacking
Prerequisites: Adept Technology Education, Novice Focus, Datajack Augmentation
Effect: You may add your Focus Ranks as additional Damage Reduction while in digital battles. You may apply this Damage Reduction to Technology Education attacks.

Wired Pokemon do not form a Digital Avatar and can carry their held items with them into the Cyberworld. If a Wired mon is fainted it will be forcefully ejected from the Cyberworld unless held there by other means, and suffer effects as if they had failed an access check until it is removed.

Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics (ICE)

ICE are programs used by Cyberworld citizens to defend themselves from hackers (and by hackers to attack). The simplest ICE are one use items made to augment the digital battlefield while more expensive and complicated ICE can be used several times or even become permanent installations bound to a nexus.

Unless otherwise stated. using ICE is a standard action.

(will add ICE here soon)