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Points, Prizes and Promotions

Have you encountered a game item that doesn't fit into the normal system? Well look no further; This place will tell you how you can spend your RP points, redeem your prizes and meme your promotions.


RP Points


RP Points are boons earned from active participation in the session, whether by describing your characters actions in both prompted and unprompted scenes, interacting with your party members or the surroundings, or making character motivated decisions during gameplay. They represent times when your actions help to make the world more alive.

An RP point can be spent to inject the power of narrative into a normally mechanical situation bringing about varied effects based on gameplay state. You could for example spend an RP point while birthing a pokemon egg in the depths of the ocean to have the pokemon pick up more traits from its birth environment. The following table describes ways in which RP points can be used.

1 RP Point A single precious RP point do you have, as powerful as it is solitary. An RP can be spent at any time to give a bonus to dice rolls by making successes greater or lessening the sting of failure, an RP point cannot be used to turn a failure into a success. You may also use it to increase loyalty from 0 to 1 or affect the birth of pokemon. The uses of a single RP point are endless
2 RP Points Can be used to increase loyalty from 1 to 2
3 RP Points Can be used to increase loyalty from 2 to 3
4 RP Points Can be used to increase loyalty from 3 to 4
5 RP Points Acquire a Signature Item (one time purchase)
10 RP Points Acquire a Signature Feature (one time purchase)
15 RP Points Acquire a Signature Move (one time purchase)
20+ RP Points ???



The Galactic Explorer Initiative is a very expensive, and fairly new undertaking for the Solar Federation. While Dr Haley Rose has convinced the Federation to seek operatives from more than just the military lineup and allow for more non-standard team compositions, each team must still satisfy certain basic requirements to remain part of the initiative.

Galactic Explorers are tasked with two major objectives

  • Capturing new pokemon
  • Acquiring Gate Keys in new systems.

Their continued employment and possible advancement is dependent on a number of factors such as quality of captures, time spent, collateral damage, resources expended, and general competence.
However for those who manage to make the cut, a very lucrative and exciting term of service awaits.

Note: Each tier above Probationary also comes with side benefits such as access to resorts, groomers, rare items and the like.

Probationary Explorer The starting point for Galactic Explorers. All probationary explorers must pass a qualification exam set by the GE Board, usually including a set list of pokemon they must capture. While usually one graduates or washes out from this position after the first mission, it is not unheard of for Probationary explorers to be required to continue in this position for an extra term. At the end of each mission, Probationary Explorers are paid $5000.
Junior Explorer Congratulations, you've passed. Junior Explorers receive $10,000 at the end of each successful mission. + 1 Accessory Slot
Galactic Explorer Now you're in the big leagues. Fully fledged explorers receive $30,000 for successfully completing a mission. +1 Class Slot
Senior Explorer A thus far unoccupied tier of explorer. However the proposed $50,000 paycheck is nothing to sneeze at. +1 ???
Master Explorer Some say this tier doesn't even exist.
Nascent Soul Old Devil This tier definitely doesn't exist.