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The Green Jewel

Name : Doji Aniya, of Roselia; 100th Seat, Shugenja of the Sage Sash
Age : 14
Height : 5'4"
Weight : 115 lbs
Trainer XP : 5 / 10
Class : Level 6 Blooming Blossom

  • Elementalist (Grass)
  • Hatcher



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Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body — 2
Acrobatics: 2
Athletics: 3
Combat: 4
Intimidate: 1
Stealth: 1
Survival: 2
Mind — 0
Guile: 1
Perception: 2
Education: Pokemon 4
Spirit — 3
Charm: 2
Command: 2
Focus: 4
Intuition: 3

Combat Stats
Hit Points 64/64
Injuries 0
HP 16
Attack 13
Defense 6
Sp. Attack 8
Sp. Defense 6
Speed 16
Phys. Evasion 1
Sp. Evasion 1
Speed Evasion 3

Moves, Capabilities and Features

Action Points: 6/6

Breeder Prerequisites: Novice Education: Pokemon
If you are able to give two Pokémon that are compatible for breeding at least 4 hours of time alone, you may make a Pokémon Education Check with a DC of 12. If you succeed, the Pokémon are guaranteed to produce an egg if you give them an additional 4 hours.
Elemental Connection (Grass) Prerequisites: Novice Focus, or Type Ace
Choose an Elemental Type. You gain 10 Damage Reduction against Attacks of that Type. This Edge may only be taken at Character Creation or with your GM's permission, unless you gain Type Ace, in which case you may take Elemental Connection at any time as long as it matches your chosen Type for Type Ace.
Combat Training Prerequisites: Novice Combat
You gain +1 to stats.

Growth Log

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: +Speed, Adept Combat, Adept Focus
Level 3: +Speed, Birthright
Level 4: +Speed, Novice Intuition
Level 5: +Speed, Complex Personality
Level 6: +Speed, Novice Athletics, Adept Education: Pokemon
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:



Head n/a
Body Cotton Garb
Main Hand Jian
Off-Hand n/a
Feet Leather Boots
Accessory n/a
Jian An ornate 2-handed sword, with a brass crossguard and green silk wrappings around the handle. The fullers on either side are inscribed in gold writing with a formal chant of the Alakazam's shugenja. DB4, AC3 Normal Slashing Physical.
Enriched Water Heals 20 HP. x4
Oran Wine Heals 15 HP, blocks the next injury this battle x1

Species: Deerling
Type: Normal/Grass
Gender: F
Tutor Points: 2
Level: 13
Experience: 160
Loyalty: 3
Egg Group: Field


  • Overland 4
  • Power 2
  • Pack Mon
  • Underdog

  • Jump 2/1
  • Intelligence 3
  • Naturewalk
  • Blender
Nature: Naive — +Speed, -Sp. Def
Hit Points: 68/68
Injuries: 0
Combat Stats
HP 6 9 15
Attack 6 9 15
Defense 5 0 5
Sp. Attack 4 0 4
Sp. Defense 3 0 3
Speed 10 5 15
Phys. Evasion 1
Spec. Evasion 0
Speed Evasion 3


Sap Sipper
Effect: The user is immune to the Grass Type. If a damaging Grass Type Move hits the user, the user gains +1 Attack Combat Stage.


Camouflage (EOT, Status, Normal, self)
The user changes their Type to match the field. Forests and grassy areas change the user into Grass-Type. Watery areas change the user into Water-Type. Caves and Mountains could change the user into Rock-Type or Ground-Type. An icy terrain would turn the user into Ice-Type. A building may change the user into Steel-Type or Normal-Type. Weather affects what Type the user becomes. Use common sense, if you are having difficult determining what type the user should become, consult the GM.

Tackle (AW AC3, Physical, Normal DB6: 2d6+8, melee/1-target/dash)
The target is pushed 2 Meters.

Growl (AW AC2, Status, Normal, burst-1/friendly/sonic)
Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.