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The Aide

Name : Fusuke Gan
Age : 15
Height : 5'11"
Weight : 185 lbs
Trainer XP : 0 / 10
Class : Level 5 Spoon Collector

  • Hobbyist
  • Telepath
  • Telekinetic

Bio :

Themes :
Character Theme
vs. Trainer
Low HP Theme


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body — 0
Acrobatics: 2
Athletics: 2
Combat: 2
Intimidate: 1
Stealth: 1
Survival: 2
Mind — 3
Guile: 2
Perception: 4
Education: General 3
Education: Medicine 3
Spirit — 2
Charm: 2
Command: 2
Focus: 4
Intuition: 2

Combat Stats
Hit Points 66/66
Injuries 0
HP 17
Attack 5
Defense 6
Sp. Attack 8
Sp. Defense 6
Speed 15
Phys. Evasion 1
Sp. Evasion 1
Speed Evasion 3

Moves, Capabilities and Features

Action Points: 5/5

Elemental Connection (Psychic) Prerequisites: Novice Focus, or Type Ace
Choose an Elemental Type. You gain 10 Damage Reduction against Attacks of that Type. This Edge may only be taken at Character Creation or with your GM's permission, unless you gain Type Ace, in which case you may take Elemental Connection at any time as long as it matches your chosen Type for Type Ace.
Basic Skills Prerequisites: None
You Rank Up a Skill from Pathetic to Untrained, or Untrained to Novice. You may take this Edge multiple times. (Education: Medicine, Guile)
Medic Training Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
When you use Restorative Items on others, they do not forfeit their next turn.
Iron Mind Prerequisites: Novice Focus
Add your Mind Modifier to all Focus Skill Checks instead of your Spirit Modifier. Focus essentially becomes a Mind-Attribute Skill for you. Additionally, you become aware of any attempts to read your mind with Telepathy, whether the attempt is successful or not.
Rider Prerequisites: Novice Athletics
You automatically succeed at Acrobatics Checks made to mount a Pokémon, and you gain a +3 Bonus to all Acrobatics Checks made to remain Mounted.
Adept Skills Prerequisites: Level 2
You Rank Up a Skill from Novice to Adept. You may take this Edge multiple times. (Focus, Perception)

Growth Log

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: +Speed, Adept Skills (Focus), Basic Skills (Guile)
Level 3: +HP, PK Alpha
Level 4: +Speed, Adept Skills (Perception)
Level 5: +HP, Power of the Mind
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:



Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a
Kodachi A short sword, for emergencies. Slashing, DB3, AC3.
Scroll A neatly rolled bit of paper, sealed in a bamboo container. x200
Potion Heals 20 HP x6
Bandage Doubles natural healing rate for 6 hours, then removes 1 injury. x3

"She uh…she has stripes…Like a bee. Get it…? Sorry, I'll be quiet."

Species: Elekid
Type: Electric
Gender: F
Tutor Points: 2
Level: 9
Experience: 80/90
Loyalty: 4
Egg Group: Humanshape


  • Overland 4
  • Jump 1/1
  • Intelligence 3
  • Underdog

  • Swim 2
  • Power 3
  • Zapper
Nature: Gentle — +Sp. Defense, -Defense
Hit Points: 49/49
Injuries: 0
Combat Stats
HP 5 5 10
Attack 8 7 15
Defense 2 0 2
Sp. Attack 7 0 7
Sp. Defense 8 0 8
Speed 8 7 15
Phys. Evasion 0
Spec. Evasion 1
Speed Evasion 3


Battle - Free Action
Trigger: The user is hit by a Melee Attack
Effect: The attacking foe becomes Paralyzed.


Tackle (AW AC3, Physical, Normal DB4: 1d8+5, melee/1-target/dash)
The target is pushed 2 Meters.

Leer (AW AC2, Status, Normal, cone-2/friendly)
The target's Defense is lowered 1 Combat Stage.

Thundershock (AW AC2, Special, Electric DB6: 2d6+8, 4/1-target)
Thundershock Paralyzes the target on 17-20 during Accuracy Check.

Low Kick (AW AC2, Physical, Fighting DBX, melee/1-target/weight-Class)
Low Kick's Damage Base is equal to twice the target's Weight Class.