Pokegan - Legend of the Full Restore


Now is the time of boy-Emperor Tekkou IV, fifth to ascend the White Seat of Four Seasons, wiser than his years and hopefully wise enough for challenges lay ahead. He has decreed the reformation of the Jade Magistrates - taxmen, arbitrators, executioners, investigators, the Imperial everymen - and has left space open for those who can pass the tests and prove themself worthy of the once glorious assembly. You are one such person, whether a volunteer or given up by your clan, ready to prove yourself to the Emperor and the world by the strength of your arm and will.

The Clans

Conkeldurr - Clad in grey and purple, the Conkeldurr live in mountainous land which protects them from major conflicts or interaction with the other clans and do most of their trade through minor clans as a result. The Conkeldurr are skilled in matters of both and mind, spending time honing their abilities - although the means tend to differ. Their insignia is a red circle, representing Conkeldurr's nose.

Leavanny - Known for their talent with the artistic and intricate manouevres both on the battlefield and in the Imperial Court, the Leavanny are in high favour with the imperial lineage. They wear olive and green. Their insignia is a vertical semi-circle, with a hole in the center representing Leavanny's arm.

Aggron - Masters of mounted combat and breeding, the Aggron are rumoured to have a stockpile of magic secrets from their last daimyo's sojourn into the wilderness. Like their namesake, they wear black and silver. Their insignia is three peaks of silver or black, representing Aggron's horns.

Luxray - The Luxray are proud and display their honour as a badge and shield, and respond to anything that threatens it. This has led to several border conflicts with their neighbours, but the Luxray have the single largest army of the clans and haven't lost a battle under their current daimyo. They wear black, navy blue, and gold. Their insignia is a golden X, representing Luxray's tail.

Alakazam - The Alakazam train for years, going through stages of structured, intense practice in their clan lands or roaming the Empire at large. They lack a true daimyo, and are ruled internally by a council of shugenja and samurai with any of the council representing them externally. They wear gold, and brown. Their insignia is a silver shaft, topped with a circle representing Alakazam's spoon.

Gengar - The "6th clan" to some, they are secret guardians of the Empire. They watch for conflicts, potential and real, and suppress or inflame them as is best for the land. Masters of double-speak and subterfuge, none who they are truly loyal to. Some say not even the Emperor knows. They wear black, and purple. Their insiginia is a white, horizontal crescent representing Gengar's grin.

Minor Clans - Too numerous to be named, most of them exist by serving a need of the major clans - though a few are close to rivalling them in size.



:: The Lone Yari
Trainer - Level 7
Citadel Pokemon - Level 5

:: The Honed Daisho
Trainer - Level 6
Clan Pokemon - Level 10
Citadel Pokemon - Level 5

:: The Fistful of Arrows
Trainer - Level 5
Family Pokemon - Level 13
Clan Pokemon - Level 10
Citadel Pokemon - Level 5


PTU v1.03.
Pokeballs do not exist; Apricorn Balls are uncommon, but extant; the most reliable ways to tame a wild is to beat into submission, or otherwise coerce it into following you around. Their size…might become an issue.


The Smith class is allowed.
Struggle is now Typeless, AC0 and DB3. That is: they are now unresistable, and cannot miss without being evaded/rolling a 1.

  • Corollary: Weapon Attacks are now, by default, Normal Physical DB4 AC3 attacks.
  • Corollary: Combat Manouevres are AC4.

Expert Combat Skill grants +1DB to Struggle and Weapon Attacks. Master Combat Skill additionally grants -1AC to Weapon Attacks, and Combat Manouevres.
Weapons have one of 3 damage types, each having an effect on critical hit:

  • Bludgeoning — Lower any of the target's combat stages by 1 stage.
  • Piercing — Ignore any changes to the target's defense stat (such as DR or combat stages).
  • Slashing — Deal 1 additional injury.

Mounted combatants are treated as if they have the ability 'Run Up'.

Run Up
Effect: If the user moves in a straight line to a target using its Overland Capability and uses a damaging Melee Attack, it may add the number of meters traveled in a direct line as Bonus Damage to a Damage Roll.


Magistrate Discounts

Standard weapons can be purchased for 2500P, at default.
Ranged weapons (range 4 to 12) can be purchased for 2500P, at +1AC.
Leather armour can be purchased for 2500P, at DR2.
Composite armour can be purchased at 4000P, at DR3.