Pocket Monster Hunter


Uncounted suns have risen across this land since you stumbled out the wilderness, cold, hungry and confused. Bereft of clothes and memories, your survival was a combination of ingenuity and luck as you pieced together a meagre existence in this hard land. Across grassy plains, snowy tundras, rocky hills, and shadowy forest you have travelled, surviving on the help of tribes and villages you passed, fighting for your life against dangerous beasts that roam the land, and spending many a night hidden from the deadliest among them. Your wanderings for survival turned to a search for identity, and has uncovered dozens of fearful rumours and whispered legends, all leading you closer and closer to this place: the Dracomount, a valley of legendary bounty surrounded by a ring of mountains whose peaks scrape the heavens and are covered with the most powerful of beasts man has ever seen. Legend says it is here the lord of this land lives - He Who Entraps, That Which Sits The Heavens, He Who Knows And Does, The Hungerless Maw - and that is he who takes memories as tax for living in his lands. If you are to find answers or a solution, it is clear there is only one place to find them and it is here…but if the horrified glances of the locals at any shadow overhead are any indication, it may be wise to prepare yourselves for the challenges ahead.



If you hadn't gathered from the name, PMH is kind of a mix of Pokemon and Monster Hunter. You're a badass trainer killing considerably bigger and deadlier beasts in the hope of using their corpses to fashion better tools so you can fight the biggest and deadliest. If you manage to bring down a pokebeast, you can make a Survival or Pokemon Education to find out what materials you can salvage. Bring them to one of the tribes scraping a survival around the Mount, and they may be able to craft you a noble tool for survival.

Most combat will be Trainers vs. Pokemon, though if you manage to wrestle some pokemon into submission, you may find a very willing and faithful companion. If you call in a few favours, you might even be able to get some equipment made for them too.

With regards to length, I have no idea how long this'll go! It could be over in one session. The party is feel free to gear (and suit) up as much as they feel is neccessary, before heading for the Mount. If you have questions, you can find the GM JanusIIV in the game room #pmhroom on irc.thisisnotatrueending.com.


Level 1. No Pokemon. No Items. Final Destination.
Books: Core, Game of Throhs
Level: 4
Pokemon: None
Items: 7000P

Note: The technology level in this land is fairly primitive, such that even pokeballs do not exist. Certain particularly complex items will be unavailable, and so will classes that rely on them.

Regal - Falconis
Kidd - Felix
Tsura - Anise
Tiburon - Gents

Unfinished Bee-siness ★★★★
Far Forest (Any Time)
On the journey to rescue the seamstress Resa from the Far Forest, the hunters encountered a beewoman taller than a man and more territorial than a herd of Mightyena. Despite putting her down, aurasight revealed a near identical aura at another hive…and an angry screech chased the hunters as they left. Perhaps another visit is in order. Resa may have more information available.

To The Danger Zone ★★★★
????? (Any Time)
The blacksmith Temt has given the hunters a curious item: a metal cylinder covered in intricate circles, with a green sash hanging from one end. He described it as a compass that leads to danger, but may reward them with several useful arms - if they can survive.

Leash the Hounds ★★★
Forest Cave (Any Time)
The native dogs around the Redhide Tauros village have become increasingly dangerous, and have recently launched a coordinated attack on the village and inflicted considerable damage. They must be exterminated.

All art has been jacked without permission from Gryphon-Shifter.