Machinations of Mizushima

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Mizushima Ryo

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 117 lbs.

Level: 19.3
RP Points: 7

  • Researcher
  • Mentor
  • Duelist
  • Commander

Neo Sinopian Beat
Weird Science
Relaxed Battle
Severe Battle
Enter the Dragon (vs Taki)



Hit Points 96/96
Injuries 0
HP 12 +4 16
Attack 5 5
Defense 5 5
Sp. Atk 7 +1 8
Sp. Def 8 +2 10
Speed 8 +11 19


"So begins the preliminary experiments of the KSX3 series. More genetic samples, more eggs… then perhaps one day my dream will be realized."

Companion: Satomi + Real Girl
Active Roster: Hideki, Cheat, Kenichi, Hoshi, Muk(Variant?)
Egg Vault: Bluehorn/Silverhorn Hybrid, Loadstone, [Metalrunt], Larvitar
Loose Eggs: Aron, Magma Egg(?)(in Pokeball)
In Storage: Taki, Zetafree, Redhorn, Bluehorn, Goldhorn, Silverhorn
To Submit: Crawfia

New Acquisitions:
[unknown catfish]
[unknown aquatic dragon]

Sent Away:
Yata (Given to Mizushima Cheryl)
Tangrowth (Given to Gregory Khan)
Gible (Given to Samson)
Gible (Given to Mizushima Rin)