Meowster Hunter

The Purrfect Hunter

Age : 4
Height: 3'6"
Weight : Light (WC3)
Trainer XP : 0 / 10
Class : Level 13 Palico

  • Backpacker
  • Hobbyist
  • Researcher



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Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body — 0
Acrobatics: 5
Athletics: 2
Combat: 1
Intimidate: 1
Stealth: 5[+2]
Survival: 5
Mind — 0
Guile: 5[+2]
Perception: 4
Education: General 3
Education: Technology 3
Education: Medicine 6
Education: Occult 2
Spirit — 0
Charm: 2
Command: 1
Focus: 2
Intuition: 2

Combat Stats
Hit Points 66/66
Injuries 0
AP 6/7
HP 10
Attack 10
Defense 10
Sp. Attack 3
Sp. Defense 10
Speed 18
Phys. Evasion 3
Sp. Evasion 3
Speed Evasion 3

Moves, Capabilities and Features

Action Points: 5/5

Traveler Prerequisites: Novice Survival
Use Survival in place of Acrobatics or Athletics.
Instinctive Aptitude Prerequisites: Adept Intuition
Wallrunner Prerequisites: Expert Acrobatics
You may run on vertical surfaces both vertically and horizontally for up to your Acrobatics Rank in meters before jumping off.
Medic Training Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
When you use Restorative Items on others, they do not forfeit their next turn.
Throwing Masteries Prerequisites: Expert Acrobatics
Increase the Throwing Range of your Poké Balls, Ranged Weapons, and other small items by +2.
Mounted Prowess Prerequisites: Novice Acrobatics or Athletics
You automatically succeed at Acrobatics and Athletics Checks made to mount a Pokémon, and you gain a +3 Bonus to all Acrobatics and Athletics Checks made to remain Mounted.
Repel Crafter Prerequisites: Novice Tech or Medicine
Create a Repel for $100 or a Super Repel for $150. Requires access to a Chemistry Set.
Skill Enhancement Prerequisites:
Pick two skills. Gain +2 to both of these skills.
Skill Stunt (Stealth) Prerequisites:
Gain Skill Stunt (??).
Skill Stunt (Guile) Prerequisites:
Gain Skill Stunt (??).
Skill Enhancement Prerequisites:
Gain +2 to all Stealth and Guile.

Growth Log

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Adept Medicine Education, Novice Perception, +1 Defense
Level 3: Researcher (Apothecary), +1 Defense
Level 4: Novice Guile, +1 Defense
Level 5: Hobbyist (Adept Stealth, Adept Guile, Adept Perception), Dilettante 1 (Medic Training, Skill Monkey), +1 Special Defense
Level 6: Expert Medicine Education, Adept Acrobatics, +1 Special Defense
Level 7: Dilettante 2 (Mounted Prowess, Dive! [+Speed]), +1 Special Defense
Level 8: Expert Stealth, +1 Attack
Level 9: Hero’s Journey 2 (Movement Master (Wallrunner), Wear it Better) [+Speed], +1 Speed
Level 10: Expert Survival; Expert Acrobatics, Throwing Masteries, +1 Speed
Level 11: Equipment Savant [+Speed]+1 Speed
Level 12: Master Medicine Education, Expert Guile, +1 Speed
Level 13: Medicinal Blend, +1 Speed



  • Dosh: $0
Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand Chakram
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a
Charkam A Crude Wooden Throwing Weapon with Studs.
Chemistry Set Used to Craft Chemist Recipes.
Combat Medic's Primer Bind 1 AP - Extended
Rank 1: After taking a Sprint Maneuver, you may apply a Restorative Item on an adjacent target as a Swift Action.
Rank 2: Once per Scene as a Standard Action, you may target an adjacent ally. The target may immediately Take a Breather as a Full- Action Interrupt if they wish. They do not Shift and do not become Tripped as part of this action. If the target is Confused or Enraged, you must make a Medicine Education Check with a DC of 12 for them to be able to Take a Breather.
Unblemished Femur A thick leg bone of a massively powerful beast, its thinnest point is barely small enough to be encircled by the hand of man. Whoever conquered this beast was no shade of mortality, themself. (SPECIAL: Can be used as Trophy, at reduced effectiveness.)
Scarred Horns | The scratched and scarred horns of a mighty bull. It fought countless battles - until it lost the one that mattered.
Super Potion Heals 50 HP. x8
Burn Heal Heals Burn. x1
Paralyze Heal Heals Paralysis x1
Antidote Heals Poison x1
X-Attack +2 Attack CS. x1
X-Defense +2 Defense CS x1
X-Special Attack +2 SpAtk CS x1
X-Speed +2 Speed CS. x1
Dire Hit +2 Crit Range x1
X-Accuracy +2 AC x1
Blank Template

Tutor Points:
Egg Group:

Nature: ??? — +??, -??
Hit Points: 0/0
Injuries: 0
Combat Stats
HP 0 0 0
Attack 0 0 0
Defense 0 0 0
Sp. Attack 0 0 0
Sp. Defense 0 0 0
Speed 0 0 0
Phys. Evasion 0
Spec. Evasion 0
Speed Evasion 0