lavos benedictus



Lavos "Des" Benedictus

Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 225
Level: 1

  • GMS - General Massive Systems
  • SSC Monarch - I


Backstory: A former Super Soldier for an interplanetary conglomerate, Lavos was grown, trained, and equipped for a life of non-stop corporate warfare - or warfare between corporations. After several decades of endless battlefields, vatmates buried, countless rounds unloaded, and missions completed, Lavos expiration date came close: the date his enhanced mental elasticity would override his neurotrainers, and make him a Freethinking threat to the corpos. Mindblanked, neurotoxined, and dumped on a deathworld, a fortuitous encounter with undiscovered locals saved his life. For better or for worse, his enhanced mental and physical traits withstood the Asset Disposal process and with no skills but the application of extreme violence and heavy explosives, Lavos set out on a mission of revenge against the corporation that left him for dead.



Background: Super Soldier

  • Armsman II - Expanded Portfolio1
  • Heavy Gunner I - Covering Fire2
  • Stormbringer I - Seismic Deluge3

H.A.S.E: 2/1/0/0
Triggers: Assault, Get a Hold of Something, Survive, Take Something Out
Common Mechs: EVEREST


Last Change: 21/07/2019 Char Gen.

L1: SSC Monarch I, Armsman II, Agility, Get a Hold of Something.