Lancer: Lost Arcadia


Welcome to the Jungle

It all begin with a lonely Harrison Armory exploration team, maneuvering through the void at the far ends of Union space. Working in unison with launched probes, they scoured the various star systems they passed through for any planets that would be suitable for expansion. When one such probe returned bizarre readings, of a giant mass that it couldn't scan at all, the team moved to investigate. What they found defied all belief: a lush arcadian jungle world wrapped in the cocoon of a shimmering orbital barrier. When the report finally made it back to the capital world, Ras Shamra, the leadership of the corpro-state was sent into a fervor over the possibilities. They quickly organized an AMT to investigate the world and, if all went according to plan, seize it.

They failed.

Investigating the planet was trivial enough. The orbital shield, while daunting and seemingly impenetrable, had gateways interspersed through its surface that allowed passage. Soon the AMT was exploring on the ground, walking beneath the titanic trees and surveying the local ecology and geology. As suspected, they soon found a native human population living within the jungle. Interactions with them were initially peaceful, with both sides wanting to learn more about the other. But somewhere along the line, in some meltdown of diplomacy that has never been elaborated on, things quickly turned hostile, as they inevitably would. Harrison wanted to control the planet and its people, as they have with so many others across the Orion arm. The natives, calling themselves the Kingdom of Thald, rejected such a claim and fought fiercely for their freedom.

The Harrison entourage was initially confident in their ability to crush the resistance and pave the way for the arrival of a proper legion. But when the Thald met them with advanced weaponry, mech-like automatons, and superior tactics, they soon found themselves annihilated. What they hadn't known was that the inhabitants of this world weren't some forgotten people seeded a thousand years prior and left abandoned. They were children of Old Humanity, from before the fall of Earth and the birth of Cradle. The Osiris, one of the Ten generation ships launched as Old Humanity's last resort, was initially presumed lost by the Union that came looking for it millennia later. In truth it had rerouted from its initial destination and, after a harrowing journey, settled here on the surface of Lenasa - the name given to this planet by its people.

The conflict between Harrison Armory and the people of Lenasa has dragged on for 40 brutal years. The people stand steadfast against a steady wave of legions, each stronger than the last. Their remote location has been their saving grace. Due to the effects of time dilation, and the lack of any nearby blink stations, each wave of Harrison forces is spread apart by several years. By the time the next arrives, the last has already been battered and defeated. Meanwhile, the various powers of Union space have slowly caught onto this clandestine venture. Some want to bring the fighting to a stop, while others have their own stakes in the planet and its future. Seeking an abrupt end to the war, and under enormous political pressure, the Armory began construction of a new blink gate within the system. It has finally been complete. With it, the Iyu system has been connected to the rest of the humanity with all that it brings - including you.

One way or another, you have joined the company of several other mech pilots on a voyage to Iyu. But you are no mere pilots. You are lancers. Whether by expertise or daring, you stand head and shoulders above the rest of your peers. Skills like yours are in high demand on Lenasa and elsewhere in the system, and there is no shortage of possibilities for you here. What you choose to do, who you choose to side with, and how you conduct yourselves will determine whether you go down in history as legends or become mere casualties lost to the jungle.

The Crew

To be finalized.