Jal Shadid

The Sand Walker

Name : Jal Shadid
Age : 14
Height : 5'2"
Weight : 100
Trainer XP : 0 / 10
Class : Level 21 Desert Magic Ambassador

  • Survivalist
  • Stone Warrior
  • Tumbler



Straight Theme, No battle

Secret Theme, not for the faint hearted


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Acrobatics: 6(8)
Athletics: 4
Combat: 3
Intimidate: 2
Stealth: 2
Survival: 6(8)
Guile: 2
Perception: 6
Education: General 1
Education: Occult 4
Education: Tech 1
Charm: 1
Command: 2
Focus: 2
Intuition: 2

Combat Stats
Hit Points 116/116
Injuries 0
HP 22
Attack 7
Defense 16
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 15
Speed 10
Phys. Evasion 3
Sp. Evasion 3
Speed Evasion 2
Base 5
Rock +5
Steel +5
Ground +5
Fire +20

Moves, Capabilities and Features

Action Points: 9/9

Elemental Connection (rock) Prerequisites:
Survival Drive Prerequisites: Adept Survival
Learn Bulk Up
Traveler Prerequisites: Novice Survival
You may use Survival instead of Athletics and Acrobatics to determine your Power Capability, High Jump, and Long Jump values. Determine your Overland Movement by substituting your Survival Rank for the lower of your Athletics or Acrobatics Rank.
Acrobat Prerequisites: Novice Acrobatics
Effect: Increase your Jump and Long Jump Capabilities by +1 each.
Type Sync Prerequisites: Elemental Connection; a Type-Linked Class*; Adept Medicine, Occult, or Tech Education.
Target: Your Pokémon Effect: The Target gains the Type of your Elemental Connection as an additional Type, or has one of their Types replaced by that Type. See the Type Changes section (page 436) for more information and suggestions. A Pokémon may be targeted by Type Sync only once. This Feature may be performed One Time for each Rank above Untrained you have of your highest of Medicine, Occult, or Tech Education, up to a maximum of 4 times at Master Rank.
Name Prerequisites:

Growth Log

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Novice Perception, Novice Acrobatics, +HP
Level 3: Survival Talent(Urban, Desert)(+HP), +ATT
Level 4: Adept Athletics, +ATT
Level 5: Defender(+HP), Quick Switch(free), +DEF
Level 6: Expert Survival, Novice Occult, +HP
Level 7: Stone Stance(+Def)
Level 8: Acrobat, +HP
Level 9: Tumbler (+SPD), +HP
Level 10: Adept Acrobatics, Adept Occult, Type Sync, +HP
Level 11: Aerialist(+SPD), +HP
Level 12: Master Survival, Expert Acrobatics, +HP
Level 13: Death From Above(SPD), +DEF
Level 14: Master Acrobatics, +DEF
Level 15: Flip Out(+SPD), +DEF
Level 16: Adept Perception, +SDEF
Level 17: Stone Stance Mastery(+DEF), +SDEF +(Minor Gift: Landmaster)
Level 18: Expert Perception, +SDEF
Level 19: Burst of Speed(+SPD), +SDEF +(Major Gift: Fury of the Earth)
Level 20: Virtuoso Acrobatics, Virtuoso Survival, Master Perception, +SDEF

Onyx Badge (accessory, gives infiltrator)

Remaining: 10 TXP, 150pokexp


poke: 100

Head Gas Mask
Body Techtonic Platemail
Main Hand Weighted Net
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory Fire Brace
3 cubic meters of tent 1200poke
gas mask 1500poke
Rebreather gift
Light Armour 5DR, made by yalynn (physical)
Techtonic Platemail 5 DR. An alchemicized set of Wardens Armour. Grants +5 Damage Reduction against Ground, Rock, and Steel-type attacks. Grants the Sand Force Ability. Grants the Magnetic Capability. Once per Scene, you may create a Stealth Rock hazard as a Swift Action.
Swimming fins gift
Weighted Net 100HP remaining
Earth-Breaker's Talisman Grants one use of the Move Precipice Blades, using Groudon's own stats instead of the user's. May have other effects as well.
Pokeball Basic ball, it catches pokemon x5
Premier Ball A cool bonus x1
Dive Ball -20 Modifier, if the target was found underwater or underground. x2
Net Ball -20 Modifier, if the target is Water or Bug type. x2
Heavy Ball -5 Modifier for each Weight Class the target is above 1. x2
potion Heals 20 x0
Super potion Heals 35 x0
Bandage for injuries x0
Antidote for poison x0
Energy Powder Heals 25(Herbal) x2
Heal Powder Cures Pers Statuses x1
Full Heal Cures Pers x1

The Fluffiest

Species: Dungeon
Type: Ground
Gender: Female
Tutor Points: 1
Level: 37
Experience: 1880
Loyalty: 4
Egg Group: Field

Overland 6
Swim 3
Jump 1/2
Power 4
Burrow 8
Nature: Naughty — +ATT, -SDEF
Hit Points: 107/107
Injuries: 0
Combat Stats
HP 11 9 20
Attack 12 12 25
Defense 13 13 26
Sp. Attack 7 0 7
Sp. Defense 7 3 10
Speed 7 10 15
Phys. Evasion 5
Spec. Evasion 2
Speed Evasion 3
Edges: Advanced Connection: Dig, REBALANCED +3 SDEF
Skills: Athl 4d6+2, Acro 3d6+1, Combat 3d6+1, Stealth 4d6+2, Percep 4d6, Focus 4d6

Moves: Stomping Tantrum, Sandstorm, Spikes , Bite, Earthquake, Wide Guard, Dig(3d8+10+att with stab)Inheritance:
20 - Wide Guard
30 -

40 - Superpower