Great Hunt Region

Ruined City Babylon

"I remember when we were the greatest city in the land… Now look at us…" - Old Hunter

The Fog is Immpenetrable

Dusty, charred, Babylon was once Gilded in Gold, the pinnacle of a city, with floating zeppelins and a great communication network across numerous cities. Its gold cities have now been replaced by rust and destruction, flames burning through the city during the regular "Night of Culling" when the beast enters the city and preys upon the meek and the weak for food. Moslty boarded up, only the Local Tavern and the Hunter's Guild allow travelers free passage. To the North, the Great Gate protecting the Palace of Old stays locked and closed, an uninviting remainder that the once free city is much like the area around it, locked behind fear and anguish. A fog sets upon the city, and the sun never penetrates the clouded skies.

Discovered Locations