Great Hunt Npcs



The Rank and File Huntsman, they are seen in most cities, out and about, surveying the land and fending off the strange creatures called Pokemon.

Standard Loadout
Leather Armor To fend off the Beasts.
Hand Lantern Runs on oil, grants Glow and Heater when lit. Acessory or Off-Hand
Simple Helmet To protect the soft head parts against those foul beasts!
Insulated Longcoat Protects Against the Weather. Grants Overcoat.
Various Weapons From Swords to Pitch Forks to Flintlocks, the Watchmen are never left unarmed.
Vial of Blessed Water Wards off the Evil spirits and heals wounds.


"….I smell a beast…"

Specialized Assassins mostly tasked with tracking Criminals and other Unlicensed Hunters. When Nighthunters are involved, some one most likely die. Often accompanied by a Dog Pokemon, as they seem quite easy to tame while young.

Standard Loadout
Stealth Clothing To blend in.
Tracking Darts They work in a network of colored feathers and spear points. This helps locate prey by color.
Various Weapons Mostly Knives, Swords, and other various items that would fit an assassin.
Cowl of Deceit They say once you don the cowl, you are no longer who you are, only a Nighthunter…