Great Hunt Npcs

Myrah Spadefeather

"Ohh, be careful out there… The beasts are much more cunning than we thought."

Originally one of the original Hunters, she was one of 2 Hunters who returned after the first Night of Culling, missing her arm. Retiring, she now runs the "Spadefeather Inn" located in Babylon and is the giver of quest to many of those in the Hunter's Guild. Originally a kind hearted healer, the incident has left her cynical and jaded, though a bit of her compassion escapes from time to time. She seems to always wear red clothing, and normally works the night shift…

«Dossier 0/??»


Velkin the Nightwatchman

"Go Inside… the beast are hunting.."

The Nightwatchman of the city of Babylon and the head of the Hunters of Old, he was the other to survive the first "Night of Culling." His face was disfigured protecting Myrrah, and as such, he wears a mask to hide his injuries. Calculating, he has little faith in most new hunters. He is always seen with his trusty houndoom, Mirrak.

«Dossier 1/3»