Burrhole M
Name Burrhole M
Dex ID
Flavour Text

A wily predator with eight limbs for propulsion, it creates illusions of gateways to safer realms. These illusions are simply traps for its prey to get lost in, as it eats them.

Art URL https://i.imgur.com/L5amJ6I.png
Primary Type Fairy
Secondary Type Poison
Stats 10 / 7 / 10 / 11 / 8 / 3
Basic Ability Count Basic
Ability 1 Analytic
Ability 2 Magic Bounce
Ability 3 Ambush
Ability 4 Blur
Ability 5 Arena Trap
2 Evo Stages Up
Previous Evo Stage
Next Evo Stage
2 Evo Stages Down
Height 5'3 (Large)
Weight 80lbs
Gender Ratio 50%M / 50%F
Egg Group Bug
Hatch Rate 30
Diet Carnivore
Habitat Caves
Capabilities Overland 6, Swim 3, Jump 2/2, Power 2, Naturewalk (Cave), Illusionist, Dead Silent, Wallclimber
Skills Athl 2d6, Acro 4d6+1, Combat 2d6, Stealth 4d6, Percept 6d6+2, Focus 3d6
Level-Up Move

1 Astonish 1 Poison Sting 4 Captivate 8 Glare 11 Draining Kiss 14 Swift 18 Poison Fang 21 Scary Face 24 Dazzling Gleam 28 Poison Jab 31 Fairy Lock 34 Play Rough 38 Toxic 41 Venoshock 44 Moonlight 48 Moonblast 50 Trick Room

TM Move List

A1-Cut, 01-Hone Claws, 04-Calm Mind, 06-Toxic, 09-Venoshock, 10-Hidden Power, 16-Light Screen, 21-Frustration, 22-Solarbeam, 27-Return, 32-Double Team, 33-Reflect, 36-Sludge Bomb(?), 41-Torment, 46-Thief, 54-False Swipe, 56-Fling, 61-Will-O-Wisp, 70-Flash, 85-Dream Eater, 89-U-Turn, 90-Substitute, 92-Trick Room, 99-Dazzling Gleam

Egg Move List

Amnesia, Extrasensory, Foresight, Hypnosis, Mean Look, Nightmare, Signal Beam, Spotlight, Substitute, Taunt, Toxic Spikes

Tutor Move List
Second Ability Tier Advanced