Decimus Fadius Sulla Pulcher
Attributes (Total) 5
Ability 3
Leadership 3
Charisma 5
Intelligence 5
Capabilities (Total) 15
Imagination 7
Willpower 8
Assets (Total) 3
Patrician Estate (3)-A luxurious villa with extensive surrounding territory, mostly farmland containing olives and grapes (wine) worked by slaves and pleb servants. Has particularly notable resources produced on it in the forms of salt and Carrara marble. Portions of the villa were constructed with magic and the entire structure was strengthened by it. The public is unaware of what went into it's construction. 3
Followers (10 pts) Quantity Quality True Value
The Accomplices 3 7 10
Connections (Total) 5
Senate 5
Popularity (Total) 2
Rome 2
Runes(total 20pts) Definition
Target Whatever is designated by the caster
Build To establish, increase, or strengthen
Speed Swiftness of action
Negate To expunge the existence, evidence, or truth of
Ability The capacity to do

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