Criminal Squads

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Every great criminal organization is made on the backs of Grunts. While the elites make plans and seize objectives, its up to the Grunts to do all the every day dirty work like sweeping the floors, washing all the blood out of the uniforms and organizing food deliveries for that legendary creature you just kidnapped.
Grunts come in all kinds of flavors: Combat, Science, Janitorial, Transport, and more! Collect them all, including the Ultra-Rare Salaryman Grunt!


The day to day operations of your organization are abstracted and taken care of by grunts in the background. All the grunts that are not otherwise utilized are organized into Squads.
Squads can be utilized in two ways:
1) Staffing a special building such as a medical bay or drug growing lab to gain weekly benefits.
2) Assist the players on missions.


Each player can command a number of squads up to half their command rank
When assisting a player on a mission, grunts can:
-Give +1d6 to a skill check type or Increase the DB of attacks by 1 for the mission
-Intercept an attack
-Give one reroll per scene per squad.
These effects can be employed until the squad is eliminated as long as the commander remains within range.
Every squad that is in use on a mission gives a -1d6 penalty to stealth checks to their commander.