Crimeworld Redux

The International Pokemon League is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. In every major city a gym run by the IPL can be found with the full suite of supporting structures for customers and employees. League funded Pokemon Centers are dotted across the continents, almost as numerous as bars or cell towers. At every settlement out in the wilderness with a presence of over fifty people you can be certain to find a battle frontier.

There is no denying the strength of the league and the depths of its pockets. Every Pokemon center is kept spotless and one would be hard pressed to find even a single pidgy dropping on the gleaming offices of steel and glass come the start of a workday.

The crown jewel of the IPL is the cutting edge Battle Yacht that hosts challenges to the elite four and International League Champion, well known for its world class speed, luxury and stability; Able to host even the fiercest battles between challenger and champion against the background of a raging sea while keeping its passengers safely protected in the lap of luxury.

As a publicity stunt, the Battle Yacht will be hosting this seasons Soliel Pokemon League regional finals and will be present at the Regional Headquarters private dock to pick up the challenger.

We are going to steal it

16 weeks remaining

Requirements for the final showdown
☐ Have a Level 5 Organization
☐ Acquire Level S International Pokemon League Security Clearance
(Possible sources: Gym Leaders, Elite Four, League Champion, Mystery Contacts

News Ticker

News Ticker The Launch of the Soliel Reigon Pokemon League 2017 Season is just around the corner, bringing with it new rules and regulations introduced by Regional Officials... News Ticker

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Please see this section before doing other thingamabobs.


Criminal Equipment
Criminal Game NPCs
Soleil Region

All rewards are party-wide, unless specified.
Reward 0poke, 220 pokemon xp, Pig Iron Gem


Janus - Grave
Price - Sigurd
Gents - Yurei



Mission types:
Benefactor: These are missions assigned directly by your benefactor. They are usually much more rewarding than the average job.
Communication: These missions have a main focus on non violent interactions, though violence is still a possibility. Words can go a long way.
Combat: These missions bring with them almost the promise of violent altercations if undertaken.
Dispatch: These missions are low risk and can be handled by Squads without supervision. You can take any number of dispatch actions per week by expending a squad.

Note: Rewards and difficulty are estimated, and may vary based on in mission actions.
Hint: Contacts can give you new missions and earning opportunities

Kidnap Eugenia Kournikova ★★★ Benefactor
Silph Co is still the leading manufacturer and developer of pokemon oriented technology in the world. One reason for their success is their continued focus on acquiring the best of the best from around the world to work for them. Miss Kournikova is a brilliant scientist that has been doing research on a new type of pokeball for the past 5 years, and Silph recently secured her services. My clients would prefer that she work for them instead.
Reward: ₽45,000. Fully Staffed Medical Bay
A Pound of Flesh ★-★★★ Heist/Combat
The Bellueve Family is holding a big swanky party at Cape Corsola. Invitees are to be entertained with fresh fish caught by expert angler, prepared by expert chefs and paired with the family's special wine reserve. Valuable people and valuable goods will be at this event.
Reward: ₽10,000 + depending on performance
The Spice Must Flow ★★ Combat
There's rumours of an imitation seasoning lab being run in the quiet corners of the city, using a handful of highly processed Pokemon extracts to duplicate very profitable ingredients for cheap and turn a massive profit. The labs are hurting the pockets of some very wealthy men and taking them out is probably worth a favour or two - but keeping them for yourself…
Reward: ₽20,000 or Drug Lab Resource
Scout out the Competition Dispatch
Gather reports on the doings of known entities and discover previously unknown players.
Reward: Updated NPC Dossiers and News Tickers.
Introduce yourself ★ - ★★ Communication/Combat
Soliel lacks the massive, region spanning crime hegemony that exists for most established regions, but you aren't the only outfit in operation. The concerns of your organizations will not necessarily overlap, but that may not always be the case. You can't afford for them to disrupt your business, see to it that they don't.
Reward:Possible Contacts. ???

Level Infrastructure slot Squads Bank 313131 |Cash to Next Level## Heat
1 1/2 1 ₽0 ₽0/₽10,000 1/10
Each level, the empire gains +2 infrastructure slot and +lv squads
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Heat Mechanic: Every week the police will attempt to find you. To do so they roll 1d20 against your heat score. If they roll below it they will find one of your holdings. Heat is raised by criminal activities with more visible and violent operations raising heat faster. Heat can only be dropped by special missions or contacts.


Acquiring/Removing Infrastructure takes 1 week.

Port Barchan Safehouse
A small warehouse in a run down industrial lot
Not very safe, but it has space to hold your things.