Criminal Game

Greetings candidate. If you are hearing this message then you have proven yourself to be a person of unique talents and limitless potential. In recognition of your worth I am offering you an employment opportunity.
Don't bother trying to track me, you will find it a waste of effort even for one of your significant skills, the messenger doesn't know anything either so I'd like it if you allow them to return to their daily lives unmolested. Regardless, the enclosed ₽5000 is yours to do with as you see fit. There is much more where that came from.
You may have inklings that this is a less than legal enterprise, and you would be entirely correct; what i will ask of you is certainly against the desires of the small minded, misguided leaders of this world. As a victim of their policies yourself I trust that you understand where I'm coming from.
A new world is on the horizon, and I intend to be on top of it. If you are interested, return this device to the messenger and prepare yourself. A transport will arrive for you in three days.
Thank you for your time, candidate, and welcome to the New World."

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News Ticker In a series of events that read more like a movie script than real life, a delivery truck operated by Nightshade Sec.. News Ticker

News Ticker I'm at the West City Industrial zone where several hours ago people reported the sound of gun fire. News Ticker

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All rewards are party-wide, unless specified.
December 17th
₽12,000P 12 Ultra Balls 12 Hyper Potions
2 Trainer Level 150 Pokemon XP Pokeattractor Core x1
December 22nd: Mission Complete: Winners Don't do Drugs
0.5 Reputation. Contact: William Burns
January 20th: Mission Complete: Crossed Allegiances
0.5 Reputation. Contact: Fredrick Douglas(pending)
₽30,000P 100 Pokemon XP 1 Trainer Level

Danny — DimJim
Sigurd — Price
Victor — Janus
Alex — BMW
Albrecht — Gents
Raven — Dude



Mission types:
Benefactor: These are missions assigned directly by your benefactor. They are usually much more rewarding than the average job.
Communication: These missions have a main focus on non violent interactions, though violence is still a possibility. Words can go a logn way.
Combat: These missions bring with them almost the promise of violent altercations if undertaken.
Dispatch: These are long term missions that may take several days to complete, generally lower risk. These will involve little RP and can usually be handled by subordinates.

Note: Rewards and difficulty are estimated, and may vary based on in mission actions.
Hint: Contacts can give you new missions and earning opportunities

Nightshade Knockout ★★-★★★ Benefactor
Nightshade Securities is reeling hurting from your assault on them one week ago and have already moved to protect themselves from further attacks. We've tracked a shipment of equipment coming in that we'd rather them not have in the near future. Ensure they don't get it. Four containers will arrive by sea and be moved to secure Nightshade warehouses over the course of three days.
Conditions: Nightshade does not receive any Motorsuits from this shipment. Accounts Listing(Approximate Value: ₽175,000): 50x Pokeball (standard), 20x EMP Grenade, 20x Sting Grenade, 20x Flashbang, 30x Abraware CPU, 2x Rough Ryhorn All- Terrain Vehicle, 5x Capsule Cannon, 20x Net Capsule, 20x Glue Capsule, 50x Potion (standard), 10x Antidote
Reward: ₽50,000, additional ₽10,000 each
Kidnap Eugenia Kournikova ★★★ Benefactor
Silph Co is still the leading manufacturer and developer of pokemon oriented technology in the world. One reason for their success is their continued focus on acquiring the best of the best from around the world to work for them. Miss Kournikova is a brilliant scientist that has been doing research on a new type of pokeball for the past 5 years, and Silph recently secured her services. My clients would prefer that she work for them instead.
Reward: ₽45,000. Medical Bay
Introduce yourself ★ - ★★ Communication
New Castelia. A shining pillar of commerce and capitalism. More wealth flows through this city in a day than most places see in years. Of course, where wealth goes, so do scum follow. This city is filled with gangs and ruffians, and you're far from the only Team based here. Of the major ones, you only know of Team Rocket and Team Plasma in the area. Introducing yourself could go a long way to smoothing hurts in the future… or make you a target.
Reward: Increased Reputation. Possible Contacts. ???
Man at Arms Communication
Fire managed to secure you a way into one of the more important high brow parties of the season. A lot of money and influence will be there and the right word at the right time could see you as the recipient of some. However, there's a catch. Your invite is on the arm of Lucretia Belleuve, the 23 year old daughter and heiress of arms baron Valerio Belleuve. You are to act as her eye catching escort and bodyguard. If any harm were to befall her, it could be quite bad but on the other hand, she'd ransom for quite bit.
Reward: ₽7,000. Contact: Lucretia Belleuve
Make a Name for yourself ★ - ★★★ Combat
New Castelia. A shining pillar of commerce and capitalism. More wealth flows through this city in a day than most places see in years. Of course, where wealth goes, so do scum follow. This city is filled with gangs and ruffians, and you're far from the only Team based here. It's too early to take the teams head on, but the smalltime gangs can be… coerced into following you.
Reward: Increased Reputation. Possible recruitment.
Blood and Water ★★★★ Combat
Douglas Martin was once head of PKRx Pharmaceuticals, a big pharma company with more than a few connections to the criminal underbelly of the world. He freely ceded that position to his younger brother, after his children were kidnapped and used as leverage against him. Unfortunately, the exchange went bad due to interference and his children were lost. He no longer views himself as having any living family - and he'd like the world to match his view..
Reward: ₽50,000
An Eye for Property Dispatch
A growing empire needs a place to put down roots. Discover new safehouse locations throughout the city and businesses to invest in. One slot for 5 days.
Reward: New Investment and Property options.
Scout out the Competition Dispatch
Gather reports on the doings of known entities and discover previously unknown players. One slot for 3 days
Reward: Updated NPC Dossiers and News Tickers.




Time is money, and there's only so many things you can do in a day.
Make a note of your actions here: Weekly Schedule Spreadsheet
Note: Some actions such as missions may take more than one slot.



Running a criminal organization isn't easy. Controlling the flow of money is even more important than punching the right faces. A slip up in the books can hurt, bad.

Underworld Bank: ₽61,000
• Wall Safe
₽0 2x Ultra Balls
• Training Equipment
Wages: ₽2,000
Rent: ₽0
Bribes: ₽0
Staff Listing Staff List
Heat 1/30
Respect 1.5/100