Criminal Crafting

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If you have any of the following crafting classes or features, you can attempt to create items.

Trainer Classes

  • Fashionista
  • Engineer
  • Chef
  • Researcher (Apothecary)
  • Researcher (Artificer)
  • Researcher (Chemical)
  • Researcher (Jailbreaker)
  • Researcher (Engineer)
  • Researcher (Upgrader)
  • Ninja

General Features and Edges

  • Smith
  • Any Crafting Edge from the Core Book
  • Breeder
  • Poke Ball Crafter

Furthermore, if you have access to multiple classes, features or edges in this group you can attempt to have them work together to create something unique.
For example:
— Engineer+Upgrader: Install Augmentations in Pokebots.
— Smith+Ninja: Create armour that apply the effects of an antidote as a swift action.
— Fashionista + Chef: Hamburger Backpack?


The information age brings with it many advantages, though time and effort even the blandest dullard can become a master of the arts. Though time and effort varies drastically from person to person, the avaliability of the internet and/or a proper foundation in the relevant skills (at least adept) you may research items in order to discover more about their attributes.

Research is difficult if you are not versed in the relevant topic(e.g It would be difficult for someone with pathetic technology to research a new pokebot part), but anyone can research an item or topic. This list includes items already avaliable on the market such as weapons or accessories.

When researched, crafters may be able to apply attributes of that item to something else they can craft, though it's not going to be a perfect merging of their attributes.

Researched items:

  • Motor suit (Discovered: Synth Thread, Shock Cells, Motor Backpack)
  • Type Braces (Incomplete: Headway 63/???)


Perhaps one of the more convenient 'crafting' abilities is alchemy. With it one can ignore most technical knowledge requirements in exchange for time consuming rituals.

Anyone can use alchemy, but not everyone is good at it. Historically the methods to alchemicize items were closely guarded, and the Alchemy Guild still exists today, with several members capable of making legendary weapons. However several methods have made their way unto the internet and simple alchemy is avaiable to the general populace.

Alchemy requires first a Lodge and at least novice Occult Education.
A Lodge is a place of special mystical significance where the alchemist will perform his mysteries. A lodge can generally be taken down or set up within a single day, but it will take at least a week for it to be ready for alchemy.

Alchemy requries: 1 Base and at least 1 Reagent and you can use ingredients in alchemy up to your Occult Education rank.

Previously enchanted items cannot be used in alchemy.