Caravaggio Von Schubauer

The Vain

Name : Caravaggio Von Schubauer
Age : 16
Height : 5'10"
Weight :130
Trainer XP : 6 / 10
Class : Level 1 Prince of Fashion

  • Slacker
  • Fashionista



I am Caravaggio Von Schubauer
Mongrel, I will show you TRUE beauty.


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body — -1
Acrobatics: 1
Athletics: 1
Combat: 1
Stealth: 1
Survival: 1
Mind — -1
Guile: 2
Perception: 2
Education: General 3
Education: Medicine 3
Education: Pokemon 3
Spirit — 4
Charm: 1
Command: 3
Focus: 2
Intuition: 3
Intimidate: 3
Combat Stats
Hit Points 57/57
Injuries 2
HP 15
Attack 5
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 10
Phys. Evasion 1
Sp. Evasion 1
Speed Evasion 2

Moves, Capabilities and Features

Action Points: 6/6

Beast Master Prerequisites: Novice Intimidate
Add your Spirit Modifier to all Intimidate Skill Checks instead of your Body Modifier. Intimidate essentially becomes a Spirit-Attribute Skill for you. You may use Intimidate instead of Command to command unruly Pokémon, and to determine the limits and effects of Training.
Intimidating Presence Prerequisites: Novice Intimidate
Learn Leer
Grace Prerequisites: Novice Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, or Intuition
Your Pokémon may consume and benefit from 2 more Poffins each. If this Pokémon is traded to a Trainer without the Grace feature, these extra dice from additional Poffins are not lost, but a Trainer without Grace may not benefit from more than 6 Dice gained from Poffins. You may always use any of the Skills that are prerequisites for Grace in the Introduction Stage of a Contest to roll for Contest Stat Dice of any kind.
Name Prerequisites:

Growth Log

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:



Money: 100

Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a
Basic Rope Basic Fiber Rope. Has a tensile strength of 35 kg or 77 lbs. It has 5 Hit Points
Sparkling Lemonade Nothing Less to touch my lips(50) x2
Energy Powder I suppose the pokemon will need something to cure their weakness x2

The Cold, Biting Tongue
"Hurry and evolve you sluggard. Tch"


Species: Snorunt
Type: Ice
Gender: Female
Tutor Points:2
Level: 10
Loyalty: 3
Egg Group: Fairy/Mineral

Overland 4
Swim 2
Jump 1/1
Power 1
Intelligence 3
Nature: Composed — +HP, -HP
Hit Points: 63/63
Injuries: 0
Combat Stats
HP 5 10 15
Attack 5 0 5
Defense 5 0 5
Sp. Attack 5 5 10
Sp. Defense 5 0 5
Speed 5 5 10
Phys. Evasion 1
Spec. Evasion 1
Speed Evasion 2
Skills:Athl 2d6, Acro 2d6, Combat 1d6, Stealth 3d6, Percep 2d6, Focus 2d6+1

Moves: Leer, Powder snow(B), Double Team, Bite