Botany Is Cool


Dr. Oglethorpe


"I prefer Prof. Oliver."

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 133lbs

Level: 19.2
RP Points: [3]

  • Researcher
  • Grass Ace
  • Trickster

The Terrarium (Main Theme)
Untamed Wilderness (Battle Theme)



Professional Plant-Tender
"… I like flowers okay? … Wanna see my terrarium?"


Skills and Combat

Master (6d6) Survival, Guile, Command
Expert (5d6)
Adept (4d6) General Edu, Medicine Edu
Novice (3d6) Perception, Athletics, Poke Edu
Untrained (2d6) Everything Else
Pathetic (1d6) Intimidate, Acrobatics, Combat
Combat Stats
Hit Points 102/102
Injuries 0
HP 18
Attack 5
Defense 10
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 10
Speed 15
Evasions 2 | 2 | 3
Abilities: Overcoat
Capabilities: OL8, Swim 4, Power 6, Jump 2/3, Throw 10


Companion: Magpyre
Active Roster: Torterra, Breloom, Magpyre, Smokking
Held Eggs:
In Storage: Breloom, Burhole M
Roster Goals: "… More plants!"

1. Affliction [Stonelung]:
Stage 1: Your athletics and acrobatics ranks are treated as one rank lower. Stage 2: Your default Defense and Special Defense Combat stages are increased by 1. Condition becomes contagious. Petrify: The target may not act on their turn and receives no bonuses from evasion. The target gains 5 DR.
2. Smokestack: Smokking leisurely changes what type of toxin it is consuming. Smokestack always starts in Tobacco Stack but may have any of the following stacks:
Tobacco Stack: The user creates one tile worth of smokescreen hazard in an adjacent tile every time it uses a damaging move. — Opiate Stack: When gaining any status affliction, the user may choose to gain sleep instead. — Crack Stack: The user gains one ATT and SATT CS every time it is hit by a damaging move.
3. Aurabody: The pokemon has a body composed of pure aura. This pokemon does not faint from combat damage but can still accumulate injuries and/or die. This pokemon gains the fighting type or replaces their secondary typing with fighting.