Anti Matter metagame

Welcome to anti matter, world of adventure.
The story is set in a high fantasy setting, magic and fantastical creatures exist and are known about by the general populace, though encounters with or being able to use magic are still rare enough to be wondered at.

Players may find themselves battling with sword and shield in high mountains against a pack of ferocious beasts or engaged in social intrigue in the court of a high king; Sailing the high seas and exploring the wild places no man has set foot on before or even befriending the sentient masses of the worlds energy, elementals.

The world is yours.

A game run by Falcon. About stupidly crazy manly men doing hot-blooded things like fighting over 100 monsters at level 1, attempting to bypass a MiniBoss AT LEVEL ONE, and shouting their names really really loud, cursing at rigged dice, having their home towns wiped clean of life and running from little girls. Also involves lots and lots of turnips, fucking things are EVERY where.

Players: Juroko and Flake (DoubleU), PriceisMagic, Grail

The known world

Map is unfinished, it needs a few more things, but this should serve as a way to orient yourself till then.

The Meta Game (Work In Progress)

The Empire